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7 Secrets to Beat the Holiday Stress from MAGGI

The 'ber months are here, and Filipinos are already sensing the Christmas spirit. It's the time when families prepare for the most awaited holiday in the Philippines. Yet, as with any occasion, timing plays a crucial role in making Christmas the most enchanting celebration of the year!
As the reliable ally of Filipino cooks in the kitchen, MAGGI recognizes that food, and the act of sharing it with family, lies at the heart of the holiday season. "Christmas is when home cooks bring out their most cherished recipes – the ones they love to cook and that their families delight in sharing, especially during Noche Buena. MAGGI is here to support Filipino home cooks in making Christmas more magical as they prepare, cook, and transform their dishes into a delightful Noche Buena feast," stated Ms. Raine Calma, Food & Dairy Culinary Recipe Marketing & Digital Lead.

From selecting recipes and buying ingredients to cooking and hosting guests on Christmas Eve, MAGGI shares seven secrets for a stress-free holiday season!

1. Explore menu-making hacks – Homecooks need a game plan and MAGGI ( is here to serve some menu inspiration. Noche Buena cooking is made easier with access to over 100 recipes that make holiday meals extra special. It's best to lock in your headcount so that you can modify the recipe based on the number of servings you need.

Airfryer Collection

2. Make a list and check it twice – With a menu in place, it’s time to check the pantry and do an inventory of ingredients. List down the quantities of items needed before heading to the supermarket. A quick check in the grocery's online shelves can help ensure stocks and availability. Holiday traffic is real and so grocery runs should be planned in advance.

Asian Christmas Collection

3. Do a test run if cooking a recipe for the first time – Trying out a new dish can be overwhelming. With enough lead time, homecooks can do a trial and have loved ones give comments to improve on the dish. By using only the best seasonings like MAGGI Magic Sarap and its variety of Savor and cube products, they can transform any dish from pwede na to sarap-sustansya and magical levels.

Relyenong Bangus

4. Make ahead whenever possible – Cooking everything all in one day can be tiring. Homecooks can start pre-cooking certain components of the dish to help lessen their kitchen load on celebration day. Meat stews, marinades, embutido, pasta sauces and cookie batter can be prepared a few days ahead. This means planning for fridge space will be crucial to ensure dishes keep well until it's time to serve them.

Classic Embutido

5. Save the fresh for last – Fruits and vegetables can be purchased in the morning to retain its reshness. Adding fresh pineapple to an all-time favorite fruit salad will elevate the dish.

Chicken Macaroni

6. A little help goes a long way – This is the perfect bonding time for the family, when homecooks pass on their cooking techniques and share their passion for food with their children. The joy in cooking will translate in your dish, too!

Beef Caldereta

7. Give your Noche Buena table setting an added flair – Adorn the dining table with bits and pieces of Christmas to make the Noche Buena gathering even more memorable. It can be as simple as a red ceramic platter for your chosen entrée, scattering a few Christmas balls or adding candles with gold ribbons for an added touch of magic.

Magical Fried Chicken Sinigang

Calma emphasizes that these tips from MAGGI aim to assist home cooks in managing their time, resources, and energy. "The holiday rush can overwhelm us because we only want the best for our loved ones. Proper planning can make a significant difference, allowing the family more time to celebrate and enjoy their most magical Noche Buena yet."

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