Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I know everyone of us grew up with the P&G products. We are using most of their household products and we continue to support them. Good thing supporting them will not just benefit us with their good products but Filipino students as well.

P@G e.Studyante program aims to provide connectivity to Filipino students. Their vision is to help the Filipino children by providing connectivity and one laptop to each grade school in the Philippines. Many Filipino students endure a difficult journey just to reach their schools and yet and the learning materials are not enough. Providing laptop will help them connect to the world, giving access to the world wide web. This will help them learn more and enrich their knowledge.

Buy buying P&G promo packs, you will be able to help provide each child with a laptop. Hopefully they will extend their promo and be able to help more Filipino children and that includes your children.

Please continue to support P&G products, and you can vote, share and pledge here: e.Studyante. :)

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