Monday, January 16, 2012

How to create a personalized blogger template using Artisteer

I consider myself still new into blogging but I'm sharing what I have learned so far in creating a personalized blogger template.

First you need to download the Artisteer software. We'll use this software to create a personalized blogger template. You can download a trial version here and then install it in your computer.

This is how it will look when you open it.

Choose Blogger.

Click Ideas>Suggest Design. By clicking this, the software will suggest different blogger designs you can edit to make your own personalized template.

Then, you can go to Color and Fonts. You can change the color theme and you can still adjust the colors if you want.

You can choose the fonts that you want too, and adjust the size. I recommend that you stick with one font type to make your site looks neat and so your readers will not get lazy reading your posts.

Under Layout, you can change/edit the the way you page looks like. You can change the Menu position or you choose No Menu also.

You can change the Sheet width, make it narrower, or wider just like the one below.

Change the number of columns by clicking Columns, then just adjust the widths to your desire.

Next, go to Background. You can upload your own background photo or just choose from the available designs in the software. You can change the Glare and Texture types, and the colors too.

After the background, you can edit the Sheet. You may change the off set distance above the menu or may set it as no off set.

If you want to add sheet borders and change the colors, just click borders. There are also some options there like Radius that you can manipulate to your desire appearance.

Now, for the Header, like the Background, you may choose upload your own header. This will make your blog more personalized. Create your own one then just upload. Other options are in the tab that you can manipulate.

With the menu, you can also choose its Gradient and Texture types, and your desired color too.

The items and the sub-items in the Menu bar can also be edited. You can change how the Active Items will appear, its color when hovered and when visited too.

Next is the Article. You may change the fonts of the body, the header, the footer and the links too. many options are in the tab that can help you achieve your desire template.

Like the Article, you can also manipulate the Sidebars. Options are also available for your desire appearance.

Other options are Button and Footer. You can edit them like the way you edit other parts above.

If you are done with editing and your final template is there, upload your new personalized template.

The box below will appear after clicking Publish Template to

Click Publish and a template Code code will be generated.

After clicking Continue, your Blogger layout page will automatically open. Before saving the code, save or download your current template first in case a problem occur with your new template. Clear the template area, paste the code of your personalized template and click Save. Click View Blog to see your new template design.

Did you get it? The software looks complicated but is actually user-friendly. So go make your own template now :)
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