Saturday, January 28, 2012

Baby Skin Care Tips by Nivea: Different Types of Baby Skin

My son has a sensitive skin that is prone to rashes. Good thing I have learned about tea bath. Since he is having tea bath, skin rashes won’t show off even on hot weather.

Because of my son’s sensitive skin. I am hesitant to buy baby lotion. I have tried applying one brand of baby lotion but his skin feels greasy and perspires more. I feared that because of perspiration, his skin pores will be blocked and will cause rashes.

Then I saw this Nivea Baby Nutri Sensitive Milk Lotion. Of course, it takes me some time to be finally convinced to try this product. Finally, last Chinese New Year, I decided to buy one.  I can’t find any trial pack so I bought this 200-ml bottle. 

What really makes me want to try this on my baby is its natural omega 6 lipids plus it has shea butter.

I immediately tried it on my son’s skin. I gently rub an adequate amount on his skin. I observed if he will perspire more. To my surprise, he didn’t and his skin is not greasy.

Every night, I apply it on his skin to keep it hydrated and soft.

Baby skins are different from one another that is why you need to check what his/her skin type is. My son has a dry and sensitive skin that is why Nivea Baby Nutri Sensitive Milk Lotion suits his skin.

Nivea Baby Philippines is always upto date in giving helpful and relevant tips on how to care for our baby's skin and you could find here more details on Different Types of Baby Skin. Like them on Nivea Baby Phil FB page and get daily baby skin care tips. You could also make your own Nivea Baby Journal and you could win special gift packs. Also like MomCenter Phil FB page for more mommy experiences. You could interact with other moms on their page.

Remember moms, the task of caring and nourishing our baby's skin is on us. This is one of my pledge and promise to take care of my baby's skin. How about you mommy? Any baby skin care tips?

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