Friday, April 11, 2014

A Little Update + Mini Thank You Giveaway Winners

Do you missed me? Hehe. I know I am MIA for more than a week now. A lot of things happened that keeps me so busy. I am doing a lot of document review and editing, and until now I am not done yet. I am busy with our online business too. 

May last two weeks are so stressful. To just give you a little update, Matt is attending his summer class already. As usual, I am the super worried mom. I have no doubt about Matt's learning capability, I am more afraid of his behavior. Thankfully, his doing great and little by little he's learning to socialize with his classmates and to follow his teacher's instructions. I can't wait to blog more about it real soon.

As much as I want to tell more stories, I need to go back to work and finish checking more than 10 reports today. So I will just announce the two lucky winners of our Mini Thank You Giveaway.

Mini Thank You Giveaway

Congratulations and I will be waiting for your reply.

Let me thank you all for joining our giveaway. Thank you for the continuous trust and support.

Happy Friday everyone! Bawi ako next week promise :)

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