Monday, April 14, 2014

Matthew's First Week at School

Hello everyone! At long last I am able to blog again. I was supposed to blog last Saturday but since I am finishing a document review, I failed to do so. Anyway, better late than never no? So here it goes...

As I have mentioned in my last post, Matt is attending the summer class already since April 7. We were actually unprepared because of the late advice we have received which was only on Saturday night. So we rushed to buy Matt new writing pads, pencils and crayons. We didn't bought much yet and he's using his McQueen bag pack for now. We will buy his school things on May.

Now, what do you think how I feel? I took an emergency leave, the hell I care about my deadlines on that day. I need to be there to see my son's first day in school. I have mixed emotions and I am worrying about how Matt will behave in school. I know he's a smart boy but I don't trust him enough to behave well at school. But before I go on, let me share some photos of him.

He's so excited to go to school. Just when we have entered the school's waiting area, he immediately sat on one of the benches and took out his pad and pencil. I told him he will not write yet until he's inside their room.

So once he entered the room, he writes :) Unlike the other kids, Matt didn't need to be pushed inside the room. He's showing independence that made me almost cry. I was actually teary eyed looking at him inside this small room where all his dreams will start.

The other parents were asking me how old he is. He's one of the smallest kasi but he can write na :) For the first day, he got home with 3 smileys.

I am so proud of him and so his Daddy. And here are some of his achievements for the week.

He got two stars the next day.

He got 3 stars here too.

This test made us laugh. I think the test is a little confusing for a 3-year old if you don't teach him what he'll do, right? But Matt was able to answer 3 correctly. The two wrong made him confused, just look at the shampoo and soap in the right column and the girl and the boy in the left column. Matt connect the shampoo with the boy while the soap with girl, hehe. Tama naman din di ba? Hehe...

He got another test that he got 3 stars.

Matt's yaya said, he's the only kid who answer this all right. You know why, that's our lesson just the other night, hehe. Also, he's the last one who took this exam as the teacher prioritized those who are not participating in their class. Si Matt lang daw kasi madalas sumagot sa class. He's very attentive daw. Although, the teacher said he's good but so makulit and I am not surprised, hehe.

Now I know you will understand why I was so stressed last week. I know I have to remind myself not to worry too much. Matt's behavior is already improving. I am teaching him to be patient and to wait for his turn, to share with his classmates and follow instructions of his teacher. I'm glad his listening although at times he's still playful but that's natural since he's just 3.

That's all for now. I have so much to share with you like tips on kid's baon. I discover a lot last week that I will gladly share with you. Let's share alrighty?

Have a great week everyone!
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