Thursday, April 24, 2014

I'm Back + School Baon Tips

Hello guys! I have been so busy with work since Monday plus my PC at work is not functioning well. Hang kung hang lang ang peg, kaloka! Anyway, what's important is that I am back (and I hope so I am really back).

The truth is, there are times I am thinking of closing this blog. I just don't know why but I feel that I am not helping you enough. Feeling ko I am just sharing the same things over and over again, but I know you will say that it's my right since this is my blog. But I realize, I have duties too like sharing something that will be useful to you.

So, para naman di ako maguilty I decided to just blog whenever I like it and share things and stories that you can learn something about. Today, I blog because I like to share some useful tips I have learned from Matt's summer class. Yes, he's already going to school since April 7 and I am proud to say he's doing great.

Because that schooling took us by surprise, we were not ready for Matt's baon to school. Remember when I post about bento wishlist? Sad to say, I haven't bought bento tools yet. Same excuse, I forgot because I am too busy with so many things. Good thing, I observed that Matt is not yet ready for that kind of baon to school. Here are what I have learned and some tips that I can share with you.

1. Water. This is always the first in our baon list since Matt loves to drink water. Just make sure to put the water inside a container that doesn't leak. Also, find a container that your child can open easily. In Matt's case, he's not too expert in twisting water caps so we put his water inside his Barney bottle with straw. There's one time we used his other Barney bottle with silicon sippy nipples and he ended up lying on the table with one his classmates. Can you imagine Matt acting as if he's bottle feeding? Yes, he did that so we don't use that sippy bottle again, hehe.

2. Biscuits/Sandwiches. These are the quickest to prepare for school baon. Like the container water, make sure that your child can open the biscuits or sandwich easily. On the first day of Matt's summer class, he's baon were a cupcake and a plastic of biscuits. His yaya said, Matt had hard time opening his baons so he don't eat them. From then on, if his baon is still inside a plastic, I will open it and put inside an air tight container that he can open easily.

3. Fruit Juices/Milk/Chocolate Drinks. I allow Matt to have chocolate or fruit juice drink in tetra packs inside his baon box. It's a common baon like the biscuits right. I know it's not that healthy as it has so many sugar but that's make Matt happy so what can I do? Anyway, it will be healthier if you can prepare your own fruit juices or milk or chocolate drinks. That's what we will do when the school starts in June. We can't find a container yet but once we find one, Matt will have to say good bye to those fruit juice and chocolate drinks in tetra pack.

4. Fruits. If you will make this as your kid's baon, make sure to pre-cut or sliced it. In Matt's case, we tried an apple and raisins baon. Daddy removed the skin of the apple and thinly sliced them. Again, we put it inside an air tight container. Just a reminder, avoid citrus or watery fruits as baon for little kids. Aside from it has seeds, it's too messy to eat.

5. Table Napkin/Cloth. Matt doesn't want his little fingers go dirty so that he always want to wash his hands. True to it, his yaya told me he kept on washing his hands while eating. That's why I always put napkin napkin or cloth inside his baon box. If your kids already know how to use hand sanitizer then much better to bring one inside his bag. 

I think those are the basic needs for your kid's school baon. Luckily Matt is not a picky eater and he'll eat whatever there is inside his baon box. Hopefully, I can buy bento tools before June so I can prepare more decent baon meals for Matt. 

Do you have other school baon tips too? I will love to learn more from you :)

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