Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Inspiration: 20 Signs You’re Succeeding In Life

Most of the times we think that if we attain our goals, if we are richer than most people we know, if we have a great job, if we are famous and so one, that's only the time we can consider our self successful. That's what I also believe in, until I read about this 20 Signs You’re Succeeding In Life Even If You Don’t Feel You Are.

Allow me to share this to you as well and it might create a great impact on the way you think about success.

1. Your relationships are less dramatic than they used to be.
2. You are not afraid to ask for help and support any more.
3. You have raised your standards.
4. You let go of things that don’t make you feel good.
5. You have moments where you appreciate who you see in the mirror.
6. You have learned that setbacks and failure are part of self-growth.
7. You have a support system that includes people who would do anything for you.
8. You don’t complain much.
9. You can celebrate others’ successes.
10. You have passions that you pursue.
11. You have things to look forward to.
12. You have goals that have come true.
13. You have empathy for others.
14. You love deeply and open yourself up to be loved by others.
15. You refuse to be be a victim..
16. You don’t care what other people think.
17. You always look on the bright side.
18. You accept what you can’t change.
19. You change what you can.
20. You are happy.

I believe that people go through same process each other. We just have different degrees of problems to face and solve. But how come some people can still live happily a midst difficulties while others live miserably and already losing hope? This is because we have different personality and attitude towards life. It's your choice to live each day or forever dwell with the past and the things you can't change.

After reading the 20 signs that show you are succeeding in life, I assess my self...

1. I have a better relationship with people around me. I stop demanding, instead I do my best to understand them.

2. I am not ashamed to ask for help and admit I can not do things on my own. 

3. I have learned to not tolerate bad behavior and voice out what my thoughts are.

4. I stay away from people and things that can't do good to me. 

5. I appreciate myself more. Even if I still have weight issues, that doesn't stop me from feeling good.

6. I can now accept that even if I don't meet my goals, it's not totally failure. Because it's part of the learning we should go through and failures make us even stronger.

7. I have my whole family and I can say we are stronger than ever. I have a wonderful husband who always walk with me hand and hand. I have a loving son who even at a young age, is willing to do anything for mommy.

8. I complain less, and do my best to accept everything in my life. That all happens for a reason.

9. I can say, I can be happy with other people's success. I must admit that during my younger years, I don't feel good about others' success. I am a little selfish. Also, during the start of my motherhood, even if I don't admit it I envy other babies' milestone and quietly comparing my son's with other. Until I realize, acceptance is the key. When I learn to accept that everything happens for a reason, I can truthfully say I am happy with other people's accomplishment.

10. I discover that I have passion to write so I blog. I courageously write even if I don't know how to start and I am not good with grammar. I also discover crocheting and online selling. My life is not just about work and family, and faith. Because I found my passion that makes my life more meaningful.

11. I always look forward to something new each. Everyday, I look forward to writing and sharing my thoughts. Everyday, I look forward to dealing with clients, accepting orders and doing MTOs. Everyday I look forward to trials and for a thumbs up for a job well done. And of course, I always look forward to spending quality time with my family.

12. Though my goal of becoming a stay at home mom is not yet fulfilled, I know I am getting there. Especially now that my reason is not just my son, but also to take good care of my mother. In time, everything will into its place and I am positive this goal will come true.

13. I always have a soft heart. I care too much with the people around me and at times I always get affected. This I am working on.

14. I am in love, loving and willing to be loved.

15. At one point in my life, I allowed my self to be a victim. This is because even if my heart is flaming with anger, I don't have the courage to fight for what I believe in and for my self. I am afraid that because I can not hold my emotions that well, I can't say exactly what I want to say and ended up more of a victim. But because I am open to change, I strengthen my self, my thoughts and teach my heart to be toughed when needed. No one can ever make my family and loved ones down because I will fight for them and for my self no matter what. But I choose my battle still.

16. For the longest time, I live through other people's expectations. I always care about what other people will say. I worried that they may say bad and that will broke my heart. But through the years, as my personality gets tougher and so do my heart. I no longer care what will they think and say as long as I know I am not stepping on anyone's foot.

17. As I always say, I am doing my best to be positive. One time, when Daddy and I are talking about the recent problem we are encountering. I was surprised to hear my self saying that this problem has a good result too. That it's not about the problem, it's about the way we accept it.

18. Again, I believe that everything happens for a reason. There are things that even if you already gave your very best, it will never change. I just need to look at the brighter side because just like a coin, it has two sides as well.

19. Change. I am always open to change. But I have to admit, I still have fear of change. But because I believe that everything happens for a reason, there's nothing to worry about.

20. I can say I am happy not because I have a great job, but because I have a job. Not because I have a wonderful family, but because I have a family. Not because I have a beautiful house, but because I have a home. Not because I'm earning from this blog, but because I simply have this blog. Not because I do better than people I know, but because I am living my life to fullest. Not because I because I have all I want in life, but because I have just enough. There are so many things and people to be thankful for. But we should not equate happiness with quantity, because quantity may deplete in no time but the quality will still be there until the last drop.

Overall, I can say I am succeeding in life as I can see my self on most of the 20 signs above. Everyday we can learn new things and I focus on making my self better rather than competing with other people. I choose to be positive and write about my own experience, not to uplift me but to show people that success is not about having much in hand.

Now it's your turn to assess your self and I hope this helps you in some way.

Have a great week ahead!
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