Thursday, July 10, 2014

Our Little Boy's School Update

You may already saw our little boy in his school uniform but I'll share another photo of him anyway.

It's his 3rd week in school and he's doing better and better. Let me show his works.

Our little boy make us feel proud for always bringing home not just a star but a big star. #proudmom&dad.

Also, he can write his name, letters and numbers pretty well. Now, I am reaping the fruits of our homeschooling.

Above all, I can see Matt's behavior is getting better. I know it's not right to label him as makulit so I stop calling him that. We always try to talk to him in a positive way and it did worked.

When he's getting out of control, I will just tell him "Anak, please don't wait for Mom to be angry. I'm tired that's why I can not control myself and might hurt you." Thank goodness he will stop and look at me, and give me a loving hug. I try to stay calm even if it's too hard for a stressed Mom like me. I always tell him that the last thing we want to do is to hurt or punish him.

Before, I will admit  that I am after raising a perfect boy. Having an hyperactive boy had stressed me so much especially when I am thinking that soon he will be in school. I had these worries that he may not behave well, or he may not listen to his teacher, or he will just waste his time roaming around. And it's true, for the first week of school, he's been out of control.

Luckily, after several reminders and sweet talks, he's slowly adapting with his new environment. Look he has friends already.

Like all his milestones, this didn't happen overnight. I recall an article about child's behavior and it says we cannot change our children overnight. They will have their time for better understandings and it's a common mistake for us parents to expect our children to behave well instantly. Let us admit that at one point, we envy a Mom who can let her child sit down with just one look. But we can never tell what's the real story behind that because we are not the Mom or the child.

So let's just be happy with our children. Even if it's hard, we must learn not to stress our self too much with how we can raise them well or how we can discipline them or how we can make them keep still. Because we are not our children and they have their own self, a unique personality that is not our clone.

So whether Matthew is this sweet...

or this moody,

or this playful...

That doesn't stop us from loving him. And if one day, he'll be able to read this post, I would like him to know that we never give up on him. 

I hope this helps you. Again, we are raising different individuals and let us allow our self to commit mistakes. But don't forget to learn from it.

Let's enjoy every moment of this so-called motherhood!
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