Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Our 6th Wedding + The Search for a New Stroller

Hello everyone! How's your holiday? We had a super long weekend. Unfortunately, we didn't got a chance to go far away from home because of one, fear of the heavy traffic and two, I needed to get a good rest because I already felt my whole body aching. Thank God, I feel better now.

Sunday was our 6th wedding anniversary our 11th year of relationship. Yes, we are lucky to get married on the same day of our anniversary :)

Since, we already heard about the heavy traffic at NLEX and exits. We just content ourselves on spending the entire day at home. After hearing a mass, we went to the nearest grocery to buy some stuff needed for our anniversary dinner (just at home). Luckily, the booth selling cars was open. Just imagine how excited our little car addict was. He couldn't decide what to pick and buy until he finally chose 3 small cars at 30 pesos each. They were cheap but those cars are durable and so cute. I actually regret not taking photos of these cars.
Why we are buying him new cars? We haven't bought toys for a long time since he has lots of cars. But since he did so well on his quiz and examination, we gave him that reward to buy new cars. I will make a separate post for the results of his quiz and examinations.

Going back to the our anniversary, we just had a simple family dinner. Daddy and I just cooked special dinner. We are not really fond of dinning out and we always prefer celebrating special occasions at home with the entire family.

What's our gift for each other? We had shopped online and some of the items arrived last night. I will write about it once of these days. Speaking of buying online. I have been looking for a new stroller for Matthew. I know you might tell us he's already big but when we are at the mall and we need to walk around for long hours, the poor boy get tired. He already doesn't fit on his old stroller. So we need to buy one that he can use and is more durable than the old one he had.

As I browsed online, since I love online shopping, I stumbled upon this site. There I find so many Jane strollers and I fell in love with this one.

Naquq Jane Stroller

I love that it has red color, Matthew's favorite color. It has adjustable backrest, hood, rain cover, foot rest, and cup holder.  It's suitable for babies 6 months and above. It looks durable and handy too, although it's a bit expensive. I need to work double online so I can buy this one as soon as possible. I am so sure Matthew will love it. I have yet to show this to Daddy but for sure he will agree with me.

Have a great day everyone! Hope to write more this week.
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