Wednesday, October 22, 2014

His First Singing Contest Performance

Matthew was chosen to represent their school to the APRISM Singing Contest (Pre-Elementary Level). The contest was held last October 9. So this is a super late post, hehe. But it's better late than never right? So let me share how that day went.

Since it's a regular work day, Daddy and I took a leave from work to witness Matthew Andrei's very best school competition. We went to the venue earlier so we can relax first. Yes, mas tensionado kami kaysa sa bulilit (we were more nervous than the little one). We were in full force to support our Matthew Andrei.

Our nervousness doubled when we entered the venue.

We picked up his number, which is 7, and he seated in front along with the other contestants. I was so nervous that I forgot to take photos of the other contestants. 

I was relaxed a little when the contest starts, and the little kids sang one by one. I actually thought Matthew will compete with amateur singing contestants, but I was wrong. Since it was Pre-Elem level, most of the contestants are small kids who can sing to a right tune but not necessarily can sing like Charice P. or Sarah G. Some are bulol pa so that made us feel a little comfortable (but still nervous!).

Anyway, when Matthew was called to go up stage, my heart was pounding so hard and loud that I can actually hear it, hehe. I fear that he will refuse to sing but when the song (Kung Hindi Ikaw) played, he sang...

If you notice in the first part, he sang ahead of the tune. Maybe he was nervous too because his voice was low and he just stand still. His behavior was the opposite when we were just practicing. He did good in the last part though and please don't mind the stage mother's voice on the back ground. Haha!

Surprisingly, he behaved well all throughout the contest. Before the announcement of winners, each was given a certificate of participation. And look at our little boy, he's back in his usual happy self. I wonder if he's nervous too during the competition, hehe.

He's so proud of his certificate. But he noticed it has no name so he asked his teacher why, haha.

His teacher said, they will write his name in school na lang.

Even though he didn't get any place, the fact that he carried his self well in front of many people is more than enough to make us proud. For a 4-year old to memorized an entire song and to sing in a right tune is already an achievement. So this is a call for a celebration right?

And a bonus picture with KathNiel.

Next year, he will join the contest again (as per his teachers). With that, we need start to practice him and I told Daddy we must buy him a microphone or a Magic Sing. We'll see...

The truth is we never expect him to have such talent. No one is a singer in the family. Also, joining such competition ise really stressful and requires time and resources. But if this will be the path he will choose in the future then we will support him all the way. Provided that his studies will not be compromised.

So that's it. Next time, I will share his dancing video naman during their school foundation day. I know this is just the beginning. Way to go for our little boy :)

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