Thursday, October 23, 2014

Momaye's Diary Turns 3

I actually create this blog in 2010. My very first post was about the banner I made. Then the next post I made was in October 2011 and it's about Matthew Andrei, our precious little one

Since the first post I made was not really a post, I'll consider the post I made after a year the start of my blogging journey. So this month, Momaye's Diary turns 3.

Over the past 3 years, there are many changes that happen in this blog. You may not know it, but this blog gave me so much...

Express my self. 

I always tell you I am not a good writer. I am not good in English and often times, I have a hard time constructing a grammatically correct sentence just like now. But since I own this blog, I can confidence to write and express my self in the way I am comfortable. I write in Tag-Lish if the going gets tough, haha!

Open my life, share my family. 

At first, I am so hesitant to share my life. For me, it's not the interesting and no one will give a damn. But still I open my life and share my family, and I can't be any prouder.

Write positively and stop complaining.

I do my best to write about positive things in life. Though I must admit that there are times, I also write about the though times. After all, I am only human. But I realized I have a choice and it's up to me how I will see each circumstance that comes in my life. And I chose to be always positive and stop complaining. I strongly believe that what we think of, is what we get.

Gain friends.

When I started this blog, I thought no one will care to go through this and read my posts. But I am thankful I have found a community of bloggers to whom I have learned to interact and exchange thoughts. So have virtual friends, and hopefully we can see each other one day.

Earn extra money.

The truth is, at first, I don't know I can earn through blogging. Until I have learned this from a good friend, Mommy Pehpot who's one of my blog inspirations. I had made several paid posts and just today I Google Adsense sent me an email about my first ever payout after 3 years of blogging!

Isn't it great?

Be thankful and contented.

Everyday, God shows me how blessed I am. And through writing about all the good things in my life, I can say I have more to be thankful about. Those little glitches in my life are nothing as compared to other people. I have learned to accept things as it is and find goodness even during tough times.

Discover my passion and creativity.

In search of ways so I can be a stay-at-home mom, I discover online selling. We risked our last savings to invest to buy and sell stuff online through Momaye's Shoppe in May 2012. Later that year, we find our passion in crocheting and so Mom and Dad Crochet was born.

Continually improve myself.

I will continually improve myself, not for anything or anyone else, but for my own self. I am not really after being on the top because I don't like being in a lime light. This is just the place I want, unnoticed, peaceful and no haters ( I hope so! Haha!).

Lastly, did you know that just when I am about to give up something great comes to this blog? So I think Momaye's Diary is for keeps :)

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!
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