Saturday, February 21, 2015

#SAHM for 4 Days and Some Realizations

Today is the 2nd day that I am back at work. For 4 days, I stayed at home to take care of my mother and my son. For me, it’s not a sacrifice because I love them both. 

Although, my heart is filled with worries I trust God that this happens for a reason. Our househelp left us so soon without prior notice. She left us hanging but I decided not to about her because she doesn't deserve a space here. I was very disappointed but I still wish her well.

I look at this experience as a chance to be with the two important people in my life. My son was so excited when he learned I am the one who will accompany him to his school, which by the way are just few steps from our home.

For the longest time, I am not really into house chores. From day 1 of being a stay at home mom (for a while), I cook for the four us and do the dishes as well. I clean the house, wash our clothes and bathe Matt and Nanay. I am also the one who make accompany and fetch Matt from school. I fed them and see to it he and Nanay will take their nap. After that, I prepare their merienda.

I get to sweat it out because of the chores and my playtime with Matt. Look how cute he is.

 And I can see he's so happy!

I also get to teach him new things like this makahiya grass.

By the way, I have a very good helper at home. He dust off our TV stand and re-arrange his cars and toys.

Though I never had a rest from that 4 days, I will not complain. Like what I have said, it's not a sacrifice. I will love to stay at home but this is not the right time. 

Finally, I took this experience as a positive one. It made me realized a lot of things. Like it’s so hard to look for a househelp who also has malasakit. I am not saying this in general and this is from our own experience. So if you have one trusted househelp there, better treat and love them well. Because they are rare already.

And God is really great so I don't need to worry. I trust His plan and I will keep my strong faith in Him. In time, he will give what my heart desires.

Enjoy your weekend!
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