Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Secret to A Long-Lasting Relationship

Because it's Love Month and I get inspired with Ate Farida's article on Modern Filipina: 10 Couples Share the Secrets to Their Long-Lasting Love, I'll share our secret too.

This July, we will celebrate our 7th year of marriage,but our relationship will be 12 years na. Still far from celebrating silver anniversary but with God's will we'll be together even beyond our golden anniversary. So what's the secret of long-lasting love? Let me share ours.

Aside from having a lot of patience, understanding and love, and open communication, here are our secret of a long-lasting relationship.

One goal in life. I think this is important in any relationship. Having one goal let us walk in the same direction. Though there are still some issues we don't agree with, the bottom line is we reconcile for our one goal in life.

Inspire each other. Let be an inspiration to each other. To be a better person and to have a better self. A better self, means a better you. And being a better you, you become a better partner as well.

Support and motivate each other. During the early years of our relationship, Daddy was struggling to prove his self. There was a time he thought I underestimate his capability by constantly reminding him what he should do. But the truth, I just want him to succeed without knowing I was already stepping on his pride. When I realized that I was not helping him, I let him do what he think is right. I support and motivate him instead. He did succeed and I am always proud of him.

Believe and trust each other. Sometimes this is not easy especially once the trust is broken but if you truly love each other everything is possible. 

Share same interest or passion. We are lucky that both of us loves blogging, cooking, crafts and crocheting. We may not often go out, just the two of us, but spending time together doing what we love both serves as our bonding time.

Time for each other. We always find time to have fun and enjoy every minute of being together. I think this is one of the problems why a relationship is falling apart. For a Mom like me, we prioritize our children to the point that we already ignoring the needs of our husband. I am not saying to be less of a mother, the point is we forget that before we have our kids, we have our husband's first. Before we become a mother, we are a wife first. Our partner deserves our time as much as our kids do. 

God is in our center. Above everything else, we put God in the center of our relationship. We entrust everything to Him. When we encounter problems and difficulties, we always ask for strength from Him. When we are receiving so much blessings we never forget to thank Him. Through the years, we learn to trust Him for all His plans. We keep our strong faith and believe everything will be alright because He is with us, within us and in our center.

Remember that every relationship has its ups and downs. Time may come that both of you can't fix the relationship anymore. If the love is still there, don't be afraid or ashamed to seek help. If you can't confide to your relatives or friends, you may enter a couple therapy. Good thing is online marriage counselling is now available if you feel awkward to go to their clinics.

Anyway, we still have a long way to go. Our relationship is not perfect. Trials will come and go. There are times we were tested, that time I want to give up. But I choose not to because I trust God that He gave me the right man worth loving and fighting for.

The two of us, we just don't love each other, we take care of each other. We just don't understand each other, we believe in each other and we have a strong faith in God. That's the secret, the two of us and God in our center. Nothing is impossible to God.

To my best half, Daddy Allan, happy hearts day mahal. Like what I am always saying, I can't imagine anyone in your place. I am always thankful and blessed because God gave me you. I love you soooo much!

Hey, I know you have your stories too. Please share through the comment box and I will love to read your stories too.

Advance Happy Valentine's day!
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