Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Our Shoes From Zalora

Last month, I shopped for shoes at our favorite online shop, Zalora Philippines. As usual, it was a fast transaction. Dumating agad the very next day ang orders ko!


I ordered three three pairs of shoes from Zalora. A pair of Easy Soft by World Balance Texas Boots  (Php 429.75) for Daddy, which he already blogged here.

Another pair is for Matthew.

It's a pair of World Balance Ridgeline YK Sneakers (Php 1050.00). Matthew was super excited to try, look!

He willingly model it for me.

He suggested this pose pa, haha!

And this pair naman is for me, of course.

It's a pair of Asher Uzima Slip-On Sneakers (Php 399.00). It's very comfortable to wear. Perfect for long walks.

However, I picked up the wrong size. I thought size 37 is the equivalent of size 7, size 6 pala. It will fit me however, super sakto lang and it hurts when I walk. So I decided to try Zalora's Exchange and Return Policy, which is so easy lang.

Zalora offers free and easy returns within 30 days after delivery. Like what I have said, it's easy and there will be no questions asked. It my case, it's really my mistake because I overlooked the size chart but just the same, Zalora replaced my shoes in less than 7 days lang. By the way, for new customers you can use the discount code below to get 15% off storewide when you purchase at Zalora.

That's why I am getting addicted with online shopping, especially at Zalora. Aside from fast and hassle free transaction, you can avail of the free delivery for orders Php 995 above, O di ba, I can save time pa because my orders will be delivered right in front of our doorstep :) Anyway,  let's talk about Zalora's Exchange and Return Policy naman next time,

Have a Blessed Holy week everyone!
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