Saturday, March 19, 2016

Happy Birthday Daddy A!

It's Daddy A's birthday!

Matthew and I prepared this simple surprise for Daddy!

 He wrote a simple letter for Daddy with this Lava Cake that I bought.

 And this Fila shoes that I ordered from Zalora. It was another hassle free and fast transaction. Thanks Zalora because the shoes came just in time.

But actually, I had a hard time keeping these all secret because Matthew was so madaldal. I kept on reminding him not to tell Daddy but he will sometimes forget it and had slip of the tongue. I feared that anytime he will announce that we bought a pair of shoes for Daddy, haha!

Anyway, this morning we woke up early to prepare creamy carbonara and fish fillet for our salo-salo at work.

We had a simple celebration at work and we brought Matthew with us.

Of course Matthew entertained everyone with his singing and dancing talents. Haha!

I hope Daddy enjoyed this day. We might not have a grand celebration but we are together, and that matters the most!

Happy happy birthday Daddy A! We love you so much!