Tuesday, March 1, 2016

When My Son is Sick...

Hello guys! Uy March na, time flies so fast talaga. 

Anyway, I had a stressful weekend until now. Paano pa ba naman, Matthew had an on and off fever since Wednesday but low grade fever sya not over 38 C.

He's still his usual self except that he's a little quiet and clingy.

I can feel too that his body temperature was higher than usual. I don't know why but I can immediately feel the change of his body temperature but not the other people around him. I would ask Daddy to feel him but he will just say the temperature is normal. Mother's instinct talaga.

His fever would go down in the morning and he would be as playful again.

Even if it's just a low grade fever lang, we are alarmed because Matthew never had a fever for more than 2 days. We are all worrying that it might be dengue or other serious disease. That's why yesterday, we took a leave and went to his pediatrician. We found out that he's having an ear infection already. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic for 3 days and other medicine for cough and colds because according to him, that would follow after.

It was such a relief. But you know, when my son is sick I am physically and emotionally stressed. It's the time when I am wanting to quit my work. I know many of you can relate. Whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, we have the same sentiment and feelings when our children are sick. We are silently blaming ourselves  and ask our selves what we have not done right. We can only see our shortcomings as a mother. And we will say, sana, I wish, what if...

There's no mother who would like her child to get sick. If there's a protective suit, I will definitely buy a dozen for my son. But the reality is there's none and we can never totally protect them from all the harmful elements around them. All we can do is to feed them right to boost their immune system. According to our son's pediatrician, it's good to expose kids to bad bacteria as these will test our kids immune system.

Still, seeing my son sick is never a good thing for me. I am thankful that my son is such a strong boy and he's getting better. After almost days of lack of good sleep, look he's up again.

Thank God and hopefully that ear infection get away the soonest! Sorry for emoting ha, I'm still a little emotional until now. But tomorrow, I'll be better.

Have a safe week everyone!
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