Friday, June 3, 2016

Focusing on the Positive Side of Life

Finally got the courage to make a post. It's hard kasi for me to write without shedding tears. It's even harder to write a positive post. I have been emotionally down for the past weeks. In fact I had a breakdown. It was a temporary relief to burst out all the pain I am feeling inside. Because there are so much more, so much more I am holding inside.

But just when I am losing my faith in God, out of nowhere, I sang this 

"Teach me to trust in You with all of my heart
To lean not on my own understanding
I jut forget 
You won't give me what I can't bear
Take me out of the dark, my Lord
I don't want to be there..."

Oo nga naman, maliit na bagay hetong pinagdaaanan ko. I shouldn't lose my faith in Him, rather I should keep my faith even stronger. Because God is holding me and I should hold on.

So I decided to focus on the positive side of life. Wala naman mangyayari if I will keep on dwelling with all the negative things that's happening. Sabi ko nga, wala pa itong pinagdadaanan ko sa pinagdadaanan ng iba. I am blessed and I have people who keep me smiling. O sha, magshare na lang ako ng positive vibes.

Let me start with my brother's new business. Two years ago, he established his first ventured business with our cousin. However, unfortunate things happened between them and my brother left the business. The business is still running now. My brother experienced financial difficulties from 2014 until early last year. With our help and God' grace, he slowly get over and now he have his own business.

We visited his newly opened poultry supply store. Marami pang kulang but still I am happy for him. Finally, he is slowly but surely fulfilling his dreams.

Also, he's helping us with our new babies!

These are just few of the blessings we are continuously receiving. That's why there's no room for negativity in our life. God is so good and what we are going through now is just a test. Win or lose, we will emerge as a better and stronger person.

So if you are like me who's in a difficult situation, just look and focus on the positive side of life. God is with us.

Have a Blessed weekend.
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