Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Matthew Andrei's 6th Birthday

Last Thursday, June 16, our Matthew Andrei celebrated his 6th birthday. Compared to previous years (Check these posts: Matthew Andrei's DIY Spiderman PartyMatthew Andrei's 4th Birthday), we decided to not have a party at home. As you already know, we had been in difficult situations the past weeks and there’s a huge financial expenses that comes with it.

But God is so great, he blessed us with financial opportunities that we were able to organize a mini party at his school ( as he wish to have). I made this personalized Iron Man invitation I saw here.

Iron Man Invitation

The night before that, Daddy and I were both busy. Daddy is baking little cupcakes.

While I am trying to finish this bulk order we received.

We planned to wake up really early the next day. But because late na kami nakatulog medyo nalate na din ng gising. We started to work on the party bento. Daddy cooked the chicken balls and hotdog, while I cooked the macaroni and spaghetti sauce for the baked macaroni. Kami lang kasing dalawa and that’s another reason why we don’t have party at home. Unlike the previous years when my in laws or my sister will came over to help us with the party.

Before anything else, here's the birthday boy before he went to school that morning.

He chose that red polo shirt. Magre-red daw sya and I don't know from whom he got the idea na magred kapag birthday, hehe.

Anyway, we prepared bento meals na lang. Initially, Iron Man theme sana but since we were busy hindi na kami nakagawa ng Iron Man face to put over the baked macaroni.

Okay din naman, they look good at least for me. Hehe.

The bento meal includes baked macaroni, chicken balls, cocktail hotdogs with marshmallow (as requested by Matthew), mini cupcake, a cup of chocolate ice gem and a lollipop.

I designed and printed out this sticker.

Nice na J

We rushed to his school na malapit lang sa amin and I can hear Matthew calling us already. Medyo nalate kami ni Daddy e. Some of his classmates were already eating biscuits na. Nonetheless, our little boy was so happy when they sang the Happy Birthday song.

He happily had some photo with his classmates.

Wish granted!

We bought party hats and balloons too. Kaya lang we didn’t give the hats na since they still have class after. Also, Daddy had not finished with the balloons yet. Sabi ko after class na lang distribute ang balloons. His classmates were so happy when they receive the balloons. There’s a mom saying pa daw, “Andun sa si Matthew pinagkakaguluhan!” Haha!

When he went home, we gave him this Iron Man mask.

We told him to sleep before we will give this second gift. Kaya lang he refused to sleep. Excited siguro.

Then that night, we had a mini dinner at home. Of course, his birthday will never be completed without a cake from Red Ribbon.

I told him to make a wish first before blowing the candle. I asked him what’s his wish, he said “Sana po matupad ang wish ko!” Ahahahaha! Oo nga naman…

Matthew was so delighted. Especially when he received this from his Tita Mare.

And this watch from Papa and Mama.

We were also happy that we made his day extra special even without throwing a big party. I am glad that our little boy appreciates anything you give him. Big or small, expensive or inexpensive happy na sya by just receiving gifts from people.

Anak, please always remember that we love you. Don't be afraid to explore the world and show everyone who you are. I am happy and also sad at the same knowing you are growing to be a very independent boy. Still, you can't sleep without me at your side. But I know that will not take long so I will cherish every moment of this. 

Thank you Lord for keeping our little boy always healthy and happy. May he grow to be a man of God.

Again happy birthday Anak! Continue to shine...

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