Thursday, June 16, 2016

Happy 6th Birthday Matthew Andrei!

I have been busy for weeks now. At isa sa pinagkakaabalahan ko ay ang mini party ng aming little boy. Oh yes, time flies! Our little boy turns 6 today.

This will just be a quick post so please help me greet our little a happy happy birthday!

Dear Matthew Andrei,

One day you will read mommy's blog, which is almost all about you. Yes, my life is all about you and you, Daddy and Nanay are my biggest source of inspiration. Sorry if sometimes we are tough on you. Sorry if sometimes we can not give you all our time. I hope you understand that whatever we are doing now, it's all for you. 

I am seeing you growing to be a very independent boy. Sometimes you may not want any help from us but still you are the sweetest boy I have ever known. May you reach all your dreams and grow up to be a good man. Just always remember that come what may, Mommy and Daddy will always be here for you. We will be your forever number 1 supporter.

We love you to bits Anak!


P.S.: I will share everything I am busy with in the coming days. Our internet connection is at its worst right now. Please bear with mommy, okay? Mwaah!
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