Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Rainy Week That Was

Yes, it was a rainy week and the rainy days are not yet over. That's according to PAGASA. The started pa last Saturday. We attended the anticipated mass that night. It was always relieving when you talk to God.

After that, we just had a dinner at Matthew's fave fastfood. Minsan lang naman sya humiling so pinagbigyan na namin. He was so happy. Then we went back home. Magpaplantsa pa ako e. After ironing our uniforms, I work online. Hindi ko namalayan, madaling araw na pala. At plakda na ang dalawang barako, hehe.

Mirror image lang, hane? Dahil napuyat, late na nagising. We had our late breakfast, followed by our lunch that I cooked using our JML stone-ware platinum pan.

stone-ware pan, JML Philippines, kitchenware, cookware, frying pan

Daddy was busy kasi sewing our sofa seat cover. Look!

 Mas maliwanag kapag light color right? Anyways, I crochet straps for Matthew's watch naman.

Here's our happy boy! Simple joy but priceless :)

And heto pinagkabalahan ko the whole week. Dahil exam week na, review pa more kami.

Hirap din ba sa Mother Tongue at Filipino mga junakis nyo? Naku si Matthew, yes. He's knows how to read naman but he had a hard time with pag-ba-bay-bay, hehe. So we focused on that.

Serious oh!

Aw, akala ko nagbabaybay na, cursive naman pala.

Last summer break, I started teaching him cursive. Medyo naging busy lang lalo na when Nanay got sick kaya nagstop muna kami. But I don't know why suddenly nagkainterest sya sa cursive again. Look, alphabet naman.

Speaking of Nanay, 40 days ba pala since she left us. I can't help but missed her a lot. I saw this photo online and it made me cry.

Sabi nga nila, "The death of a mother is the first sorrow wept without her." Sobrang totoo... Pasensya, I am still grieving so much and I don't know when it will end. I missed her badly but thinking she's a better place eases the pain a little. Thank God, I have Daddy A and this little boy who never fails to make me smile.

Also, I busy my self with different activities like exercising. Sobrang nakakapositive vibes.

These are Daddy's gift and I started using it religiously again for 2 weeks na siguro. Pati sya nakikigamit. Hehe.

The week passed so fast, Saturday na pala and the weather just get worst. The water at the Sta. Maria bridge got high na naman. So scary, I remember typhoon Ondoy again.

Non-stop rain and floods but still thankful because the rain is not as heavy as during typhoon Ondoy.

Hoping for a better weather this brand new week. Let's all pray okay. And here's an inspirational quote from Bo Sanchez.

This is a great reminder for us, especially for those na may pinagdadaanan katulad ko. Be a blessing always. Have a great week everyone!
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