Monday, August 8, 2016

Unboxing My Beauty MNL Box

As I already mentioned, the transaction was fast and hassle free. Just what I always look for an online shop. It’s also nice that all my orders are neatly packed and all are intact. Here they are!

All my favorite beauty brands are available at Beauty MNL. Let me start with these Dove Hair Therapy Straight & Silky shampoo and conditioner, and Dove Pink beauty soap.

I love Dove that’s why I am happy I found them at Beauty MNL.

It comes with a free pouch. So nice!

I want to try Pantene Aqua Pure Shampoo because I read that it’s one of the 5 Shampoos That Work Wonders for Fine Hair and my hair is fine and thin. And of course, I already tried Pantene Pro-V 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner and its good as alternate with Dove conditioner.

Inside my Beauty MNL box is this Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion.

I read it has deep restore total moisture property that’s good for my skin that tends to dry.

Lately, I am obsessed with beauty products. Kaya naman I am happy to know that Maybelline products  are also available at Beauty MNL. So I purchased these.

MaybellineDream Satin Two Way Cake foundationMaybellineWhite Super Fresh pressed powderMaybelline Super BB cream and MaybellineHyperCurl mascara. I am not into make-ups talaga but I plan to buy especially for occasions that requires me to look better hehe.

I got this Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm too.

I like lip balms better because I am not comfortable with lipsticks.

Just in time kasi I am so many pimples now. I am currently using it and hopefully I can show you its effect on my skin. So far, my pimples already dried up.

Oh by the way, I got these two as freebies.

There you go. Check out Beauty MNL and have your happy experience too!

For more details, check their Facebook page: @BeautyMNL. Follow them at Instagram: @beautymnl and Twitter: @beauty_mnl.

Happy shopping!

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