Friday, August 5, 2016

Weekly Bento Baon #2 + New Discoveries

It’s TGIF again, and August na pala. Grabe bakit ang bilis-bilis ng araw? Anyway, mas okay naman kasi mabilis mag-weekend, which means pahinga muna sa paggawa ng Bento Baon. Time to breathe ika nga.

Speaking of baon, I am happy that I was able to survive another week of preparing Bento baon for Matthew. Share ko lang ha.

For the first day of August, I prepared this happy meal for Matthew to start his week happy.

Heto naman ang Bento baon of the day.

#bentobaon of the day: choco heart sandwich, bread stick with dip and apple slices + Alaska choco drink.

For Tuesday, here’s what I prepared naman.

#bentobaon of the day: cars egg sandwich, bread sticks with dip (again) and wafer time wafer + C2 solo.

Actually, I chose to prepare simple Bento lang since I have limited tools. But I am looking for inspirations din so when I have many tools na madali na lang.

By the way, I discovered this Danes Cheese Spread when we went to the grocery.

I tried this with Matthew’s Wednesday Bento baon.

#bentobaon of the day for our little boy: toasted cheese sandwich, milky choco knots, marshmallows, and apple slices+#minutemaidorangejuice

Matthew loves it. Another new discovery is this Minute Maid Orange Juice Drink in tetra pack.

Masarap daw kaya bibili na ako ng isang box next week, hehe.

This is Thursday Bento baon.

#bentobaon of the day: choco sandwich, bread sticks and cream-o cookies + Oishi choco chug

Finally, it’s Friday!

#bentobaon of the day: pancake slices,#magicflakes chips and #vitacubes

I am really happy I was able to make my son’s baon extra special. Kahit nakita nyo naman simpleng mga pagkain lang. What is important is that my son’s like it and he appreciates my effort and work.

Ayan, till next week. Mag-iisip na ulit ako ng babaunin ni bulilit to save time and less stree pa.

Happy weekend!
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