Monday, November 14, 2016

Groupon Helps Us Save With Our Home Beautification

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One week ago, we started with our home renovation. There's nothing major though, it's mostly repainting of walls and some interior designing. So let me change it to home beautification, haha!

It's a do it yourself home beautification project of Daddy A and me. With that, it means we will do all the works to save on labor cost. We agreed to do it slowly once we have time on weekends or weekday nights.

So Daddy started with painting the walls in our kitchen first.

The wall paint was already fading and molds were started to grow. So it badly needs repainting with a good quality paint of course.

Meanwhile, even if I told him he can't help right now because he's still small, this little boy insist he can help by scraping the old wall paints.

Our kitchen walls are almost done and can't wait to show them to you when everything is in it's place. It's still a little messy and needs some re-arrangement.

See I told you it's still messy but I love the color of our wall now. It's cleaner and brighter. 

Anyway, when I said home beautification, it means home decorations too. You know mothers like me loves to buy home stuff. So when I browse online and see beautiful home decorations, my heart beats faster than usual. Fortunately, online shopping is available now and much more to that, good deals and discounts too.

When you talk about good deals, I can only think of Groupon Coupons. (Read: Groupon Finding Things To Do Easy and Affordable) And because we are doing a DIY home beautification, I searched for the best deals at Home Decorators.

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See those great deals? I can't wait to shop for more home decorations. This sure will help us save money and time too.

And since it's Christmas, good thing I also saw promo and coupon codes at Personal Creations. I can't wait to shop for Christmas decorations! Look!

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Wow right? Anyway, there're so much work to do at this moment. I can't wait to finish our home beautification and show our home to you. Thank goodness because there's Groupon to help me save with our home beautification.

Do you love Groupon saving too? 

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