Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Press Release: The Life and Times of a Mommy Blogger

An empowered woman shares the importance of forging the right partnerships in the internet age.

Ay super relate ako dito. Moms are superwoman especially to our kids. We must not get sick or get tired. But we are only humans and we need help at times. That's why choosing the right partners in our daily life is very important. Good thing I have my best partner in life, Daddy A.

Read through to discover more about finding the right partnership in this high technology age.

The famous poet John Donne was onto something when he wrote, “No man is an island”. We all need a helping hand sometimes to deal with the pressing demands of life. Whether at work or at home, effective partnerships comes in many shapes, faces, and forms.

A ray of sunshine. A radiant and cheerful Ruth Floresca has always believed that words are powerful and weaving them together creates an impact in people’s lives. 
For Ruth Floresca, a professional writer, wife, and mother of four kids, “Being a mom to four sons is no small feat. It’s very much like working in an office where you need to ensure that things run smoothly all the time. I’m glad I have a partner in my husband Noy, whom I can trust and rely on for anything,” Ruth shares.

It wasn’t always this way. Ruth was used to being the independent woman, working as a professional writer for 20 years. But inasmuch as she enjoyed her work, she and her foremost partner decided that it would be best for her give up her full time job so she could pay attention to her youngest son, James, who has special needs.

But because Ruth was not ready to let go of her passion for writing, she turned to the internet to share her thoughts and passion for research. “Because I want James to have the best care in the world, I spend a lot of time finding the right partners for our everyday needs. Sanicare’s paraben-free Baby and Cleansing wipes, for example, gives me peace of mind because I am wary of chemicals like parabens which have been linked to the development of various diseases from cancer to other developmental conditions. I knew that there were other moms who were also looking for products they could trust for their family’s needs so I decided to write about my experience with the product on my blog.”

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As a newly minted blogger, Ruth was surprised that sharing her personal experiences as a working mom would resonate so effectively with an audience of like-minded and internet savvy mothers like her. Her blog has an average of 5,000 views per week. This represents a growing base of working women who have found that her writing speaks to their own experiences as mothers juggling their careers in this modern world.

“I didn’t expect to have so many partners in my daily life. I used to think being an empowered modern woman meant that you’d have to be efficient at doing things on your own. But experience has taught me that it’s more important to learn to find the right partners in life. I’m lucky to have found that in my husband, my blogging community, and in the brands I find and come to rely on which I share to help other mothers deal with their own everyday problems. It’s come full circle,” Ruth concludes.

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