Saturday, November 12, 2016

McDonald's McShare Chicken McDo and Matthew Saved the Day

Last week was a busy week. Busy as always naman especially now they are expecting too much from our group. Meetings, meetings, meetings, meetings... Haha! Hindi na natapos.

But no! I'm not ranting because even though there's so much pressure on me now, I like it more because I find my work more challenging now. Charot! Haha.

To start my day right, kelangan maganda ang hair. Thank you to my ever reliable JML Hair Straigthener (Read: Product Review: JML Hair Straightener Professional)

Dahil ganito kaganda lagi ang buhok ko. Salon hair finish lang ang peg! Haha!

Not until, we had a meeting. Stress level na naman ang beauty and hair ko. Haha!

Thank you sa nag-blowout and I finally tried this McDonald's McShare Chicken McDo.

We ordered two McShare Box for 4 (8 pc-chicken) at 683.00 pesos. Each comes with 4 drinks, 4 rice and 2 BFF fries.

We have a happy tummy. Then when I got home, I had a happy heart naman. Look how thoughtful Matthew is.

Kahit makulit yan, sobrang sweet nya. Napakasipag pa nyang mag-aral. 

And whenever I had a bad and stressful day at, just by looking at him tanggal agad ang negative vibes.

He's so cute and adorable right?

So I must say McDonald's McShare Chicken McDo and Matthew saved my day.

Enjoy your weekend!

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