Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Field Trip to MMDA Children's Road Safety Park

Almost two weeks ago, Matthew had his annual school field trip. As usual, I joined him minus Daddy A this time because he has a lot of work to do. Schedule nya din kasi every Tuesday in Tarlac so ako na lang nagleave. So mommy duties muna and here's our photo before the bus left.

See that smile on Matthew's face? Really priceless.

Matthew's school field trip is around Manila lang. However, since alam nyo naman traffic sa Manila parang biyaheng malayo lang din hehe.

Our first stop was in Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Children's Road Safety Park.

The MMDA Children's Road Safety Park is patterned from Singapore's Road Safety Park to raise awareness and educates community about road dangers and safety measures, traffic rules and regulations. This is especially for children who are at risk for injuries when in street or road.  The park is just across the Manila Zoo. Naalala ko tuloy yung first field trip ko noong nasa Kindergarten ako. That was almost 30 years ago, haha!

There are scheduled orientation that's per batch or school.

The speaker discussed road safety in a way the children will easily understand and remember. 

Matthew participated well in the discussion. Sobrang daldal pa naman nya e, hehe.

After the orientation, time to walk around. Look at my little boy! Obvious bang nag-eenjoy sya?

The park showcases miniatures of traffic-related structures like bike lanes, sidewalks with curb and  drainage system. The kids were asked to line up and walk at the side walk. 

Roads inside the park are narrower and there are pedestrian lanes too. 

Road signs are everywhere too. 

The park has miniature building structures like school, office, waiting shed, gasoline station, hospital, fast food, and comfort room. It would have been more fun to see mini golf course or hockey field too. Mini golf is a great sport but the one that we have been enjoying is hockey, check out these gear reviews for kids.

This cute mini-footbridge was a hit to everyone. See Matthew climbing up?

Hooray Matthew successfully passed over the mini-footbridge! An older schoolmate help him climb down the stairs. That's what I like about students of MMA. They are polite and helpful.

Here's Matthew again! Still very active.

He tried this pedestrian tunnel too.

Before he reached the end, I heard him screaming. Ang tinis ng boses nya, haha!

Then after roaming around, the students waited here. Mukhang napagod sila.

But this little boy still has full of energy.

Finally, the students lined up again before leaving the park.

The MMDA Children's Road Safety Park is just a small park (about 4,600 sqm.) but this is a must visit place when you want to teach your kids about road safety. They will surely have fun just like Matthew and his schoolmates. I just wish I took more photos inside the park. It's difficult lang kasi I had to look after Matthew. I wish Daddy was there too, hehe. By the way, please stay tune for the other two destinations that we visited.

The MMDA Children's Road Safety Park is located at Adriatico Street cor. Quirino Avenue, Manila City. The park is open everyday, except on Wednesdays, from 9:00AM to 5:00Pm. Check out their scheduled orientation. For bookings, reservations and other inquiries: Tel. no.: (02) 882-0927; Fax no.: (02) 882-2637; Metrocall: 136

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