Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Strong Kid, Inside and Outside

My son is one the best gifts I have ever received.

When we learned that I was pregnant, I had mixed feelings.

I was overwhelmed with happiness, and at the same time I was afraid because I don't know what to expect. But when I gave birth and saw his face, all the bad feelings disappeared - because right in my arms was the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.

I fell in love with him instantly. I promised to love him and give him only the best.

But my son grows fast and I am afraid that he might outgrow us soon especially that I am a working mom. At one point, I was so frustrated and I told myself I'll quit my job. Thank God my husband was very supportive, he understood how I felt and we agreed that even if we are working, our son will be our priority.

We support all his interests and make sure we are there in every milestone he will achieve. When he joined a singing contest to represent his school, Daddy and I were there.

We gave him our full support when he joined his first spelling bee contest at 5 years old.

We also make sure that we are always there on every school activity he will have.

During weekends, we spend quality time with him.

We let him help me us with simple house chores, like organizing his toys.

We encourage him to try new things.

We let him play and express himself.

When it comes to studying, I make sure I am the one who teaches him. On weekdays, every night I allot time for our study time. 

And with his every achievement, big or small, we are so proud of him.

I think that's how we parents are. We want nothing but the best for them. We are their #1 supporter and fan.

But we should not stop there. We should also make sure that our kids will grow strong, healthy and smart. Even if I am a working mom, I personally cook for my son. I make sure that he eats right and also give him milk that help him with digestion. This is because better digestion is important in breaking down food into nutrients that will be used by the body for energy, growth and cell repair.

A pro-digestion milk formula like Friso Four will help our kid's developing and delicate digestive system. Friso Four uses LockNutri Technology, which preserves the milk nutrient’s natural structure. Natural nutrients like milk protein can be damaged during milk production due to overheating.

Since the nutrients in Friso Four milk are easier to digest, it helps in building a strong digestive system and immunity, and getting the required energy for our kid's development. Remember mommies, a child stronger in the inside is tougher so we can go out, experience and do more together. 

Aside from keeping our kids well nourished, it's also important to have a regular visit to your kid’s pediatrician. Pediatricians give us credible advice on our kid's proper nourishment. So don't hesitate to bring your children to their pediatrician's clinic and don't forget to claim the Friso Four kit, which includes an exclusive Mercury Drug card.

Friso Four is available in selected Mercury Drug stores in Manila, Luzon, and Cebu. By purchasing Friso Four you to get a chance to win perks and prizes that will be published in

Now, look at this little boy, a strong kid inside and outside!

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