Saturday, December 3, 2016

Our Little Boy's Cogo MagiBrix Blocks and more...

Hello dearies! It's weekend once again. I just finished emailing reports after I presented our report to the weekly managers meeting. Before anything else, here's me and Daddy I before we went to work one Saturday morning. 

This photo is not taken today ha. So sorry I have so many pending posts in my draft folder. It's been a month since my life got so much busier. As in I have no time to blog. If you notice mga late posts na talaga naisshare ko. Hopefully, I'll get back to track the soonest.

Anyways, even if this is a late post, I think this is worth sharing naman. So here's our little boy with his Cogo MagiBrix Blocks. 

We got this on sale at 200 pesos only, 250 blocks na, from Toy Kingdom. Parang it's 50% off.

You can create anything you want using these mini blocks.

See how busy my son was after he opened this Cogo box?

He even brought these to bed, hehe!

So while I am ironing our clothes, he's busy creating stuff naman.

Loom what he had made! A zoo ground!

Aside from his Cogo MagiBrix, he have these two stuff toys too. 

Mickey is 4 years old already this December, while Raffy is his newest baby. He really loves stuffed toys and pillows just take a look back on his bed.

Since Christmas is coming so fast, I got him this Super Conversion Metal Car.

Aside from that, I am still planning this blue guitar from guitar center albuquerque.

Since Matthew loves to sing, this guitar will make him sing more.

That's all for now. Happy weekend!
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