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5 Tips for Proper Hair Care

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For us women, our hair is our crowning glory. That I don't know for men but for my husband I can say he values his hair too as having less hair makes a man look older. Anyway ladies, let me share some tips for proper hair care.

1. Do not overwash hair.

Hair need not to be washed everyday. This is a mistake most women does and I am one of those. The hair's natural oils are there to condition and protect our tresses. With daily shampooing, these vital oils will be stripped away. Shampooing and conditioning every other day is enough unless you have extra oily hair. If you do, you need to apply conditioner on the ends because regular washing causes hair dryness. 

2. Apply shampoo and conditioner properly

When applying shampoo, always start with a rinse to make the hair thoroughly wet. Apply shampoo on the hair at the scalp, then lather from roots to tips. This is because the hair closest to the scalp is the youngest and certainly the oiliest. While the hair tip is the oldest and generally the driest making it the most fragile part of the hair.

Massage the scalp gently and do not scrub the fragile ends. Then rinse the shampoo thoroughly and do not repeat shampooing unless your hair is really dirty.

After rinsing, towel dry your hair first to remove excess water before applying conditioner. Excess water must be removed for conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft and provide the necessary moisture to make the hair healthy and shiny. Apply conditioner from the mid-lengths to the tips. Avoid putting conditioner at the roots of the hair because the natural oil from the scalp is more concentrated there. Putting conditioner can cause the scalp to get greasy easily. Leave the conditioner on the hair. The longer the conditioner stays on the hair, the better it absorbs. Wash and rinse hair thoroughly.

3. Brush hair twice a day

Hair should be brush twice a day to make it perfectly shiny, healthy and untangled. It can be once in the morning and once before bedtime, for at least a minute each time. Don't over brush your hair because twice is just enough to make hair looking shiny and healthy. Also, do not brush wet hair. Soaking wet hair is usually weaker, fragile and more prone to breakage,

4. Avoid hot showers

Blowing up the scalp with very hot water will dry out the hair and will create tangles that may result to breakage.

5. Keep hair away from heat

As much as possible, try to keep your hair away from heat. Using heat-styling tools daily like flat or curling irons and even blow drying can damage the hair shaft. If you can't avoid it, try not to over heat your hair like by excessive hot blowing and use a colder setting.

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Aside from those, it is important that you know what is your hair type to be able to choose the shampoo and conditioner that will best suits your hair needs. Also, make it a habit to real the labels and contents of the shampoo, conditioner and other hair treatments that you are buying. There are harsh chemicals that will do more harm that good on your hair. Go for naturals or homemade hair treatments. 

So that's some tips for proper hair care. If you have other proper hair tips please share and would love to know it. 
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