Saturday, April 8, 2017

Matthew's Newest Favorite: Bear Brand Yogu

Few weeks ago, I was one of many moms who got these free samples of Bear Brand  Yogu.

But before we received these samples, we already bought some at Hypermarket. So when he learned we will be receiving samples, he was so happy. Kaya lang, he left for vacation so when the Bear Brand Yogu arrived wala sya.

Anyway, why Bear Brand Yogu will be your kids' newest favorite just like Matthew? 

Bear Brand Yogu is a combination of Bear Brand Milk, yoghurt and real fruit juice. It comes in three sweet and yummy flavors!

Since Bear Brand Yogu is made of Bear Brand Milk, it contains tibay reistensya nutrients Zinc and Vitamin C.

Bear Brand Yogu, yogurt milk drink

Even if Bear Brand Yogu is sweet, it contains 50% less sugar compared to leading brand and variant.

Bear Brand Yogu, yogurt milk drink

And Bear Brand Yogu has no artificial flavorings so it's okay for our kids to indulge on it.

yogurt milk drink, Bear Brand Yogu

Oh, before I forget, thank you Bear Brand for this notebook and for the blue lunch box too that our little boy brought with him going to Nueva Ecija.

When he arrived, he waste to time and finished 3 in one sitting. Oh my!

Bear Brand Yogu, yogurt milk drink

Hindi naman halata sa katawan nya ano? Haha. He said Bear Brand Yogu will be part of his every day baon come June. No problem anak, I said.

Have you tried Bear Brand Yogu yet? It's now available in all leading groceries and supermarkets nationwide!

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