Thursday, April 20, 2017

Our Lenten Week 2017

Hello dearies! How's your week so far? 

Days passed by so fast no? I have been waiting for that very long  break from work, the Lenten week, and it passed just like that. But I must say, this Lenten week was by far the most relaxed break I ever had since I had my work.

This is because we got a chance to rest and spend quiet time with our family. Especially with this little boy who's staying with his lolo and lola in Nueva Ecija. 

Look he missed me so much!

Our Lenten week was spent simply with the family just like what I have said. Daddy and I cooked for the family.

Simple food but it get special when family eats together.

On Good Friday, we tried to join the station of the cross. But since Matthew got sick the night before he said nahihilo daw sya so we just followed the track and went around CLSU instead. First stop is at Little Baguio.

Next stop was at Rizal Park.

And to this very familiar Church where I had my baptism, first communion and our wedding. The three of us prayed in silence.

There are so much memories here at CLSU, the place where I grew up. I will have a separate posts on this and will show you  more photos of my Alma Matter.

We also visited my Nanay, Uncle and Daddy's grandfather.

Then come Black Saturday, we planned for a family swimming but this little boy was still sick so just stayed at my in laws house.

When he felt better we went to Daddy A's Tita's house to celebrate his Uncle's birthday. Naku, Matthew saw the videoke and even he's sick, it didn't stop him from singing.

He had duet with his Ate Gwen too.

It's actually his first time to sing in a videoke pero hindi naman halata. He was very happy when he got 90 so ayan, he sang another one song pa.

Then on Easter Sunday, we went to the market to buy these fresh vegetables.

The hardest part of this vacation was when Daddy A and I needed to go back to Bulacan. We left Matthew again but we'll be back before our birthday. Hopefully, we can get him back to Bulacan. Oh by the way, we brought home this crystal jade pampaswerte from Daddy A's Tita.

As I said, this break from work recharged us physically and spiritually. We didn't went to different Churches but we spent quiet time reflecting and repenting. And I think that's the Lent is all about.

We are ready for more work right Daddy A? Haha!

How's your Lenten week?
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