Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Mother's Love is More Than Enough

I was browsing my Facebook feeds last night when I saw this very touching video:

FERN-C kidz released this Mother’s Day video as a tribute to moms. This Mother's Day video made me feel as if I am one of them sharing my own experiences and struggles as a mother#KalidadNaAlaga

Being a working mom for 7 years now, I can say that the struggle and mommy guilt are so real. I have to balance my time for my work and my family. Especially now that I have a grade-schooler, my job is more challenging. I can relate with one of the mom who said she has an independent daughter who can do school work on  her own.

My son is very independent and wants to do things on his own except when making assignments and reviewing his lessons. I remember one time I told him to do his assignments and read his lessons for the next day because I will go home late. When I got home he didn't do what I told him to do. I asked him why, he said "Kasi po Mommy wala pa kayo. Paano macheck assignment ko." Right there and then, he pulled his big bag and one by one he took out his books and notebooks. Without any words, he did his assignments and again told me, "Sige Mommy kaya ko na po ito, pacheck ko na lang mamaya."

Naguilty ako. My presence matters to him a lot pala. But you know what I am so guilty of? It's that I can't give him my whole time every time he needs me. I am working eh and it's all for him naman. I know he understands that pretty well. He will often ask me how's my work and he will tell me "I want to be a Chemist like you and Dad." 

I know my son loves me because he often tells me that. He is very vocal and appreciative. He will tell me out of the blue phrases like, "Mommy ang ganda mo." That will make me smile, a big smile that is. But you know, it's not always love that he feels towards me. 

One time while I was ironing our clothes, he told me "Mommy, hindi para syo yun cookies. Hindi ka good mom." He's referring to a cookie commercial he just watched. I was stunned and I asked him to repeat what he just said. I asked him why he thinks I am not a good mom. Sabi nya kasi daw nasasaktan ko sya physically at times when I really lost my temper.

I cried my heart out while he was so quiet. I talked to him and explained to him that what I did was just to discipline him whenever he's out of control. And that hurting him was the last thing I want to do. He then hugged me tight and told me while crying, "Mommy, sorry. I love you. Good mom ka naman po."

Those are just few of many experiences I had being a mother. Being a mother is not an easy job yet it's a very rewarding one. Because your reward is your kid's love, their hugs and their kisses. I know many moms like me think that our best is always not enough. But for our kids it's actually more than enough.

Always remember that for our kids our love is like nothing else in this world. For them, a mother's love is always more than enough.

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