Saturday, May 6, 2017

My 36th, A Three-Day Celebration

Time flies so fast. Parang kelan lang I celebrated my 35th birthday, now I'm 36 na!

Yep, I just turned a year older. Whew! We can't really stop the time from running so fast. So I realized instead of worrying about what's not happening yet, I must enjoy my life at present. It maybe easier said than done, but I know for as long as I trust God, everything is doable and possible.

That's why I had a three-day simple birthday celebration. Simple yet it made me feel special and loved. First day was at work with my colleagues and friends.

Daddy and I cooked Pancit and sizzling tofu, and made Buco Pandan. Daddy bought Chooks to Go oven roasted chicken too.

After our Saturday meeting, Daddy and I went straight to our hometown because Matthew is still there. On our way home, Daddy gave me this pair of gold earrings.

Advance birthday gift na sya dahil mabuko ko when I saw a credit card transaction unknown to me.

At the back of my mine, namamahalan ako but gold is a good investment. Also, he knew that I am looking at gold earrings online and yes I want it. I asked him nga if I am already old at jewelry na gift nya. He laughed pero I told him okay lang if necklace naman sa Mother's Day or anniversary namin, hehe.

So ayun nga, we went to our hometown because Matthew is still there. I was so happy to see him and so do this little boy. Paano pa naman wish granted and request nyang Minions Mister Donut at fried chicken. We bought fried isaw, okoy and that orange egg.

I always look forward to long weekend. Mas matagal break sa work and we have more cuddling time.

The next day, we had another celebration. Daddy and I prepared dinner. Of course, my birthday celebration is not complete without spaghetti.

Dinner with our family is love!

And on my birthday mismo, we had a boddle fight.

My sister-in-law made this that she called tarpapel, haha.

We had full tummy after.

My birthday was almost perfect but I wish my sibling were there too. And also, this was the first time I'm celebrating my birthday without my mother. I missed my Nanay especially when I see woman as old as her. I wish she never left us. I feel like no matter how happy and blessed I am, there's this something that's missing. She must be that hole. I missing her everyday. 

But I know she's in a much better place and she's watching over us. She's still the reason why we, her kids, are closer than before. With that, I must be thankful. 

Would like to take this opportunity to everyone who greeted me on my special day, All your greetings were heartwarming and I feel loved. God bless you all.

Have a great weekend.
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