Thursday, June 15, 2017

Matthew's First Day in Grade Two + Birthday Preparation

Yesterday I took a leave from work to prepare Matthew for his first day at school. Ang bilis talaga because he's in Grade 2 na. 

Also, we still have no house help now. Thank God Daddy's Lola agreed to be Matthew's companion until we find a new house help. Yun lang, we had a not so good experience before when Matthew didn't want to follow his Lola. That's another reason why I decided to took a leave yesterday.

Fortunately, Matthew is so different na. He's easy to talk with and I can see he is extra caring with his Lola. He is more respectful too. That's why I feel less pressure now than the previous years. I really pray he will behave well in school and inside his classroom. He said naman yesterday that he did behave well. I believe him.

Moving on. Because tomorrow is Matthew's 7th birthday, he will have a mini celebration with his classmates in school. So I made this Minion bookmark invitation.

Last Sunday, he had his birthday party at McDonald's last Sunday, which I will share in my next posts. Tomorrow also, we will have a small celebration at home. That's why naisingit ko din ang paglilinis sa bahay.

I send these photos to Daddy A. I told him our home will always be neat and organized like these when I am just at home. (Read: Our DIY Home Improvement)

True naman. Iba talaga kapag tayong mga Nanay nasa bahay. Our husbands can be assured that he will be welcomed with a clean home and a healthy, delicious meal.

I was just surprised when Daddy A arrived and asked me if I really want to resign from work.

He said, mukhang enjoy daw ako sa bahay. I won't deny that. Kahit mas pagod ako sa bahay, mas masaya talaga ako. I am at peace kasi because I know my son is always in good hand. But people around us are nanghihinayang. Ngayon pa daw bang malaki na si Matthew saka ako magreresign.

E ano naman hindi ba? I can still make up with him and I can see he's happy whenever I am at home with him. Sabi nga nya, "Mommy nagpaalam po ba kayo sa boss nyo na matagal ka magleleave? Baka po kasi hindi ka payagan?" 

At his age, he certainly understands things. I know even if he's not asking, he wants me to be with him all the time. Yun nga lang talagang maunawain sya. He tries to understand me and his Daddy.

Because, I always tell him he is lucky. Lucky nga daw sya e. Kasi kami daw muntik ng mamatay sa gutom kasi wala daw makain. Ang lupet mag-isip hindi ba? Kaya sabi ko hindi naman kami muntik mamatay sa gutom. We have food naman but not as much as he have right now. We are more blessed financially than we were as a kid. 

Truly this little boy grows so fast, He will be seven tomorrow. And bilis, 7 years na din akong mommy yet it feels like always the first time. Nakakatuwa na nakakakaba. Mas marami ng pressure bilang ang anak namin ay smarteng bata. I remember our funny conversation last week when I am teaching him to be neat and organized.

Me: Anak, yun mga pinaghubaran mong damit huwag mo lang basta iwan sa sahig.
Matt: Bakit po?
Me: (walang maisip) Kasi anak gagapangan ng ipis yan sa sahig.
Matt: (Sumunod naman at inilagay sa upuan. Pero nagsalita na naman na muntik ko ng ikalaglag ng upuan) Pero mommy makakagapang pa din naman ipis dito e.

Sabay turo sa upuan. He said that innocently ha but smartly. Kaloka. Sometimes I didn't know what to say because of tired of explaining things na. Hehe. Anyway, I will always be proud of this little boy. Anyway, he's asking us pala for a gift. Daddy promise a guitar he saw at guitar strings list. We'll see then, hehe.

O sya, I will be busier today at maraming reports na ihahabol. Tomorrow I will be on leave again for Matthew's birthday. I will share all the celebrations in my next posts. See you!
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