Friday, June 23, 2017

Sana Nga Pahinga Lang...

Time check 10:39 PM. I am still waiting for Daddy A to arrive from work. He had an audit to attend to and right now he's on his way home. Hinatid pa nya kasi mga auditors sa drop point nila. Actually, 4:30 AM palang umalis na sya dito sa bahay so he can fetch them at 7:00AM. Kaya ako nagcommute na lang to work.

Honestly, I hate commuting. Ang dami kasing sakay from here to work. 4 na sakay lang naman and approximate travel time is 1-2 hours. Umaga palang pagod ka na. Mabuti na lang may kumare ako na pwedeng masabayan para makatawid sa kabilang side at makaless ng isang sakay.

Times like this, I wish our home is just near our work place. This way, we don't need to wake up early and we don't need to hire a helper . We can just get a school service for Matthew to drop and fetch him to school. 

Just thinking of this daily routine napapagod na ko. Nakakasawa na din. How I wish Marcelo Santos III is right. Sana nga pahinga lang ang katapat.

Marcelo Santos III, Pahinga lang ang katapat nyan
Ang dami ko din pending post and photos to edit. I feel really exhausted right now. Naghahalo na kasi emosyon ko. Nagtatalo na utak at puso ko. I am pressured. In short, I am full of negative feelings. I don't know if taking a rest or break is the answer. Pero sana nga pahinga lang ang katapat nito.

But I know in the end, God will guide and help us decide. And come what may, I'll trust Him with all my heart. Teka, I will not end this post negatively because I had this funny conversation with Matthew again just this morning.

Since I had to commute to work, I had to leave our home much earlier than usual. I was rushing and told Matthew I will be late na, nakakahiya kasi makikisabay lang ako. Then he replied, "Mommy bakit ka po mahihiya e Maam ka naman nila."

Aw! Kahit nagmamadali I had to explain to him na hindi porke ikaw ang boss you have the right to make people wait. You have to be a good example being a leader not just a boss.

Ayun lang, funny but meaningful conversation. I just hope he understand what I want to teach him. o sha, I have to take a rest. Hoping tomorrow I will feel better.

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