Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Wanted Yaya!

Wanted Yaya!

Have you already watched this video?

It's very heartbreaking! How could someone hurt a helpless baby? What kind of people can do this to a one year old baby? More details on Facebook.

I can't imagine the pain, regret and guilt the baby's parents are going through right now. Most especially the mother. It was not just heartbreaking it's more than that to see your precious child being maltreated.

This another cruelty of yaya makes me think not only twice, but hundred times if we will still look for a new yaya. And just a few days before I watched this video, my son told me something that really broke my heart.

While we were eating dinner, from out of the blue, Matthew told me.

Matt: Mommy, yun mga kinukuha nyong yaya ko minamaltrato nila po ako.

I was shocked of what I heard so I asked him why he said that.

Matt: Kasi po si Ate (name of our ex-yaya), kinukulong nya ko sa kwarto kapag hindi ko binabantayan si Nanay (my beloved mother).
Mommy: Pinababantayan nya sa yo?
Matt: Opo. Tapos pinapapasok nya ko sa kwarto kapag naglilinis sya. Hindi nya ko pinalalabas, wala po ako makausap. Kaya sarili ko na lang kinakausap ko.

I hugged him tight. Naiiyak ako pero pinigil ko. I remember also when he told that same ex-yaya, cursed him. I confronted her immediately and told her I will terminate her if she did that again. During that time kasi I have no choice and all I think about was it's hard to find a helper. I let it passed because he's not hurting my son naman, which I really regret now because I didn't know my son was mentally abused na pala.

Regret and guilt... I have plenty of those. For seven years, almost every year, I have been tested on whether to quit or not to quit my full-time work. I always chose the former because of this main reason - we want to give our son the best future he can have. Also, we are still paying for our house.

Also, it's hard to quit a good career right? Then people around us will ask why will I quit my work, ngayon pa daw bang malaki na si Matthew?

Pressured ako actually. I am the mother, I should be the one taking care of my son. If ever my son will act indifferently, people will point at me. Nabayaang bata, that's what people with little understanding will think. That's why I told Daddy A what Matthew told me. I was teary eyed and he just listen. Then he said, if ever I finally decided to quit my work, he will support my decision daw.

That said, I felt a little relief. Finally, I will get a full support from my husband. Before kasi he would tell me "baka hindi natin kayanin kung ako lang may work." Ayun nawalan na din ako ng pag-asa. What makes him change his mind now? Aside from our house monthly amortization will end 8 months from now, we have savings in the bank and stock investment. Hindi man kalakihan but that's give us assurance that we can make it through until we finished our house payment.

Besides, we are earning money from our blogs. Also, I still have Momaye's Shoppe and Mom and Dad Crochet na napabayaan ko na because of work. I have so much plans and there so many opportunities and possibilities out there. I don't need to sacrifice my son's safety or tolerate another abusive helper.

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against yaya or helper and I am not telling all of them are abusive. I want to believe I have never hired one but after what Matthew told me, only God knows. I actually don't want to think about it because I want to believe they never abused our son. Because we been very kind to them and for that reason sana they took good care of our son.

Alam ko maraming nakakarelate sa akin dyan. This should be a wake up call to not easily entrust our kids to people we really don't know. We can easily earn money but we can't take back time. Regrets and guilt will forever haunt us. It's hard but I am making a big decision soon with God's grace. Hopefully, its wanted yaya no more.
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