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10 Ways To Save On Electricity At Home

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Soaring electrical bill. This is every family's concern especially that electricity price is continuously increasing. But there are ways to save on electricity at home thereby reducing your electrical bill. 

Before that let me share a trivia about the history of electricity.
history of electricity

Have you read about Benjamin Franklin's lightning experiment? In 1752, he flew a kite during a thunderstorm to prove that lightning was electrical. What he did was he tied a metal key onto the string then electricity from the storm clouds flowed down the wet string so he received an electrical shock. He's lucky to survived this kite experiment though.

From then on, many inventors and scientists searched for ways to use electrical power to make light. It was only in 1879, when Thomas Edison was finally able to create a reliable, long-lasting electric bulb. Then the rest is history!

Going back to conserving electricity at home. Like what I have said, there are ways to save electricity at home. Let me share some.

1. Turn off light

The simplest way to save electricity is to turn off light, especially when you don't need it. Be conscious with how many lights you use at home and how many lights you just need at once. Too many lights also will make your home warm, which will make your aircondition unit (if there's any) to work double time. Also, always turn off the light when you leave a room.

2. Go for natural light

During day time, take advantage of the natural light to save on electricity. Also, daylight has health benefits too. Natural light can reduce feeling of tiredness and makes a person more focused and attentive. And did you know natural light can make you happier? Giving you more reason to open your window and curtain/blinds up and let the sunshine in!

3. Replace your bulbs

If you are still using incandescent bulbs then it's high time to change those with LED bulbs to save on electricity. Incandescent bulbs are not energy efficient as it release 98% of their consumed energy through heat while LED lights doesn't produce heat. Also, incandescent bulbs don't last long unlike LED lights that can last up to 10 times longer.

4. Unplug gadgets and appliances when not in use

Gadgets and appliances even switched off but still plugged in keep using electricity. Computers, for example, consume a lot of energy. So power off computers and unplug it after using.

5. Cut down the use of cooling, heating and large appliances

Instead of using air-condition unit to cool down the room, use electric fans and open your windows and doors. Refrain from using the microwave in heating food. Also, schedule laundry 1-2 times a week and ironing clothes once a week.

6. Use fewer appliances at once

Watch TV together in the living room rather than watching separately. Same with using computers, air-condition units and electric fans. Reduce your reliance on appliances by using only what you really need. Ask help from other members of the family in doing heavy chores. This is a good form of exercise and way of family bonding.

7. Invest on energy efficient appliances

If you have old appliances like refrigerator, washing machine, air-condition unit and other large appliances, better to replace them with energy efficient ones. Newer models of appliances are designed to conserve energy unlike older models, which were manufactured when saving electricity was not yet a concern. Also, when buying new appliances like refrigerator, which eats up 15-20% of your monthly electric bill, extra care must be taken.  Remember to always check the energy rating of appliances before buying.

8. Invest on solar-powered appliances and chargers

This will not just save electricity but can be very helpful when there's power interruption.

9. Use renewable energy

If you can afford, install solar panels at home. This may be expensive at first but you can save big amount of money overtime. Also, you will not worry about having power interruptions as you will have continuous supply of electricity through your solar panels.

10. Use appliances properly

Appliances must be used properly to make them more energy efficient. The fridge for example must be kept full (but not too full). Frequent opening of the refrigerator can cause heat to enter inside but this effect doubled when you keep it empty. This is because the space inside means cold air and once you open it more cold air will escape. 

Also, make it a habit to check your electric meter. It is also important to have an idea on your average electrical consumption so you can compare your current bill with the previous ones.

Saving on electricity means conserving energy. That's why saving on electricity is not just saving money but also you are helping to save the earth and its natural resources. So make it a habit to save electricity and conserve energy.

Any other ways to save on electricity at home?
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