Monday, July 10, 2017

Part 1: Matthew Andrei's Babababababanana Party At School

On his birthday, Matthew had a babababababanana party at school and at home. It's different from what Matthew 7th birthday party at McDonald's because it's a do it yourself party.

Which means we personally made everything from this Despicable Me "Minions" bookmark birthday invitations to the food we served.

Despicable Me, Minions, bookmark, birthday invitations, DIY

We also made these balloons.

Despicable Me, latex balloons, Minions, DIY

I ordered balloons from Wholesale Balloons and Party Needs. These are metallic yellow and royal blue balloons we used to decorate our home.

metallic balloons, yellow, royal blue, DIY

While these are Despicable Me latex balloons that Matthew gave to his classmates.

Despicable Me, latex balloons, Minions, DIY

And this birthday boy helped me inflate those balloons.

Despicable Me, latex balloons, Minions, DIY

After doing the balloons and the party designs, I made this Festa Leche Flan I got from Del Monte Kitchenomics.

Festa Leche Flan, easy recipe, Del Monte Kitchenomics.

This cake naman that Daddy baked took us until 3 in the morning to design with fondant.

Despicable Me, Minions, DIY, cake, fondant

Our initial plan is to order cake na lang but ang mahalia naman so Daddy and I decided to buy ingredients and tools for fondant cake making at Baker's Hub. I will make a separate post on our visit there. Ayun nga dahil first timer, natagalan kami sa paggawa ng fondant at medyo hindi pa maganda pagkakalapat sa cake. But when our little boy so it, he loved it so sulit na ang pgod at puyat.

Again, it was almost 3 in the morning that Daddy A and finally got to rest and sleep. Then this little boy woke up so early, kaya imbes na sya masurprise, kami ang nasurprise sa kanya.

He woke us up and then said, "hindi nyo man lang ako batiin..." Hahaha! He was so excited kasi it's his 7th birthday na e. Did you know that he's been waiting for his 7th birthday kasi daw lahat ng classmates nya 7 na. Really funny boy hehe.

Time flies in deed. Look at him, ang laki na nya right?

With barely three hours of sleep, Daddy A and I continue with our errands that day. We needed to pick up the McDonald's Happy Meals we ordered and my brother's gift na lechon. These two lang ang hindi DIY. Hehe.

After that, we go straight to Matthew's school and they had a McDonald's celebration. 

McDonald's, Happy Meal, Chicken McDo, birthday party

It was a simple celebration lang. We ordered Happy Meal one-piece Chicken McDo with fries.

McDonald's, Happy Meal, Chicken McDo, birthday party

I was really exhausted and tired but seeing the happiness in these kids faces made me feel alive again.

McDonald's, Happy Meal, Chicken McDo, birthday party

Most especially this happiness I saw on our son's face made me forget na puyat na puyat ako.

McDonald's, Happy Meal, Chicken McDo, birthday party

Just like what I said, sobrang excited ang mga bata. When we entered the room palang, they were shouting "Happy Meal! Minions!" kasi they saw the familiar red boxes we were holding. So when it's giveaway handing time na, ayan na nagkagulo na sila!

McDonald's, Happy Meal, Chicken McDo, birthday party

That's Matthew Andrei's babababababanana party at school. Next will be his babababababanana party at home naman. So stay tune!
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