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Doing Laundry the Samsung AddWash Way: 4 Laundry Myths Debunked

For a homemaker like me, it's really a great help if you have a reliable washing machine for doing the laundry so I can do other house chores. Wish ko din magkaroon ng front load washing machine like this Samsung AddWash Front Load Washing Machine that is designed to improve housemaking experience.

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From the Press Release Kit:

The Samsung AddWash Front Load Washing Machine is the perfect laundry care partner for today’s busy Filipino homemaker. Designed with innovative technologies that address the most common challenges that arise during clothes-washing, this smart washing machine enables its users to conveniently take care of their family for a more balanced life.

There are a lot of myths about doing laundry that inadvertently passes on from one homemaker to another, and they make this chore seem difficult when, in fact, it really doesn’t have to be. Here are 5 common ones to avoid, and reasons why the Samsung AddWash Front Load Washing Machine can be your partner in convenience:

  1. More detergent, cleaner clothes.
Excess soap actually does more harm than good -- instead of breaking down dirt, it can get trapped in the fabric, thereby impeding the cleaning process. It may also stiffen the clothing items and affect their longevity. Follow recommended amounts of cleaning agent for different wash loads.
The Samsung AddWash Front Load Washing Machine’s EcoBubble technology maximizes detergent power by converting the product into powerful cleansing bubbles that penetrate clothes 40 times better.

  1.  Always wash with hot water. It removes all stains!
    While washing with hot water helps in removing stains, it is not the end-all solution – you still need detergent to thoroughly clean your laundry. Moreover, it has been proven to be harmful to certain fabrics. The Samsung AddWash works well with either hot or cold water. You don’t need to use up time and electricity to heat up water before washing, so you save up on energy costs. Apart from that, you avoid the risk of potentially damaging your clothes.
With the Samsung AddWash door, you can add delicate or forgotten items later in the wash cycle.

Samsung, Samsung AddWash Front Load Washing Machine, laundry myths, home, home and living, home appliances,

  1. Hand-washing is still the way to go.
While hand-washing enables you to give a specific item of clothing the appropriate care it needs, it is inefficient and physically demanding. If you do not want delicate fabrics to go through a full cycle, you can always add them later through the Samsung AddWash Door. You can also opt to use the machine’s Quick Wash function, which cleans your clothes in just 15 minutes. Furthermore, the Samsung AddWash’s EcoBubble and Bubble Soak Technology already ensure stain removal and cleansing power without vigorous scrubbing.

  1. Longer wash cycles are always better.
Always pay attention to the appropriate wash cycles for different kinds of fabrics. Some clothes benefit from a longer washing time, while some are perfectly fine with a speedier cycle. For urgent laundry loads and durable clothes, the Samsung AddWash Super Speed setting uses a Speed Spray mechanism that finishes a spin cycle for a 10.5kg load and up in 59 minutes without compromising quality. It may be wise to save the delicate fabrics for the regular speed cycle. 

The Samsung AddWash Front Load Washing Machine lineup is available in all authorized Samsung dealers nationwide. For more details, visit the Samsung Facebook page or log on to
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