Thursday, October 5, 2017

Oh Hello October!

OMG! Where does months go? It's already October and I'm not informed, hehe. 

Sorry pala. Been very very busy lately that's why I have lesser posts but I actually I have many stories to share, just like my Singapore trip last month. Which I have never mentioned pa here. But for those who followed me on Instagram and Facebook might have seen some of the photos I uploaded. Those were just few of the many photos I have taken while I was in Singapore. Basta wait lang mga beshies naghahanap lang ng oras to edit those photos.

The truth is I am sick since Saturday pa. I had fever and a cough that I have never experienced before. As if my body is telling me to slow down. I told Daddy A nga mukhang sumusuko na katawang lupa ko sa trabaho, sa gawaing bahay at sa lahat ng pinagkakaabalahan ko. We still have no househelp so we still do most of the house chores after work. And did you know even with fever I still can't take a leave?

Nakapagleave lang kami now because of Matthew's school event. We took a 2-day leave kasi until tomorrow and school event nila and we can't afford not to see our little boy joining his first pageant competition.

Talent showcase was held this morning. He managed to show his singing and some piano playing talent naman.

Did you know that he volunteered himself to represent his class? He told his teacher hindi pa daw sya nakakajoin kaya gusto nya sumali. Napakamot na lang kami ng ulo. I asked him what's his talent? He will sing daw, and Daddy suggested to play piano.

The little boy is determined so we practice every night. Here's him playing the piano.

Maybe next year, summer, we will enroll him to a piano lesson na. 

Oopss... Time is up. That's the latest update muna that I can give ha. I still need to finish a report. Wish our little boy a good luck please for tomorrow's announcement of winners.
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