Monday, October 9, 2017

Congratulations Anak!

Last Friday, Matthew's school celebrated their 14th foundation day. That day also was the announcement of Little Mr. and Ms. MMA, where Matthew is one of the candidates. So Daddy A and I took a leave from work to be with accompany Matthew.

Since we arrived too early we took our early lunch. While waiting outside the venue, Daddy A took some photos of us using his old DLSR camera na matagala naitago sa baul, haha.

This is Matthew with his classmate.

Matthew striking a pose.

Oh, I really can't believe 7 years had passed. Look, he is a baby no more!

Okay before I became emotional again, let me share just a quick kwento.

Here's our little boy ramping on the stage.

I told him, just give his best smile and he will be rewarded. He did and I can't be any prouder when people are cheering for him. I heard pa saying "Uy ayan ang pogi!"

I was just surprised that there's a "best dressed award" pala. We were not informed because at the last meeting Daddy A attended, they just told that they will wear the same costume they will wear for their presentation.

Anyway, Matthew got the first runner up, which we are already happy for.

I don't want to make a big deal out of this as long as Matthew did his best. I also loved that he showed sportsmanship when the boy who got the title showed them his trophy and tell them "bleh!". Daddy heard him saying "Eh ano naman kung wala kami nyan, okay lang naman." Who wouldn't be proud of him right?

He's growing up to be a good man. So he deserves our love and support all throughout his journey. 

Ooops... I have another kwento pala. Since I promised him he will get a reward for giving his best smile, pagkababa palang ng stage right after ramping, inaaya na akong umuwi at bilhin na daw ang gift nya. I told him the program is not yet over and he will dance pa. He patiently waited.

He got these three small toys and he's happy na.

It was such a great day. We saw him giving his best and he makes us so proud!

P.S.: I will post his dance performance once I uploaded the video on Youtube.
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