Thursday, January 11, 2018

Welcoming 2018!

Finally! Eleven days after New Year, here I am writing about how we welcome 2018.

Mga bes, I know January will be a busy month for me. What I didn't anticipate e magkakasabay sabay lahat ng activities like year end report, meetings, seminars and even Matthew's 3rd quarterly examination. Ending ngarag talaga ako.

Tambak na pending posts ko. Remember my Singapore trip last September pa? Hay... I didn't know where to start. 

Actually, just this night I reviewed Matthew. Times like this I am thinking of having a tutor for him. Yun lang talaga being a hands on mom, for sure hindi ako mapapakali not knowing how and what they have reviewed or studied. 

Well anyway, enough of this drama, and share ko na muna how we welcome 2018!

The day before New Year's eve, I received my essential oil blends I ordered from Healthy Oils PH.

Daddy has cough for weeks na that time kaya napabili ako nyan when I saw it on Facebook. I will tell more about it in a separate post.

Then, as usual, lagi kaming naghahabol with our home beautification. Daddy repainted our room.

Since December 30 is a holiday, I have time to clean and reorganized our home.

Sa totoo lang mga muthers, noong araw lang na yun ulit ako nakapag-general cleaning. We have no househelp e and now we are going through tough times again looking for a househelp. Kaka-stress but lucky I have this little boy, my stress reliever.

Next day, we went to Church since we can not go to na that New Year's eve.

We are thankful for 2017. It was a very blessed year for us. Will make a recap soon (I know, it will be late again...)

This is our simple salubong and celebration for 2018.

My cheesy carbonara.

My chicken macaroni salad.

Daddy's barbecue and hotdogs.


Daddy's bibingka.

Leche flan.

My fruit salad.

And of course fruits and chocolates.

For years, this is how we welcome New Year.

Simple lang.

But I always believe, simple celebration with the family is always the best.

Medyo belated na, but still Happy New Year from our family to yours!

Have a more prosperous, bountiful, joyful and blessed 2018!
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