Monday, March 5, 2018

Bento Baon Serye: Make it Colorful

Hello there!

Sharing another set of bento baon. For this bento baon serye, I'll share a tip on preparing school baon. Make it colorful.

Make your kids baon colorful to entice your kids appetite.

 Snack: Hansel milk sandwich, Bear Brand Yogu Milk Drink, Blue Water
Lunch: Rice, boiled egg, siomai, black grapes skewer

Decorate bento baon with fruits and vegetables that your kids love to eat.

Snack: Oreo mini cookies, Minute Maid Orange Drink
Lunch: Rice, pork giniling, scrambled egg, Choco Mucho minis, champalok

If your kids didn't like eating vegetables. Preparing colorful bento baon will help you make them eat vegetables and fruits.

 Snack: Hansel chocolate sandwich, Ducthmill Yogurt Drink
Lunch: Rice, ginisang ampalaya, grapes

You can buy bento picks too. I shared a post where to buy cheap bento tools.

Snack: Ham sandwich, Choco Mucho mini, Bear Brand Yogu milk drink
Lunch: Rice, chicken afritada, fried egg, grapes

Aside from picks, you can buy silicon cups or containers too. They can add colors and beauty to the bento baon.

Snack: Nissin bread sticks with Goya choco dip, Yakult
Lunch: Rice, tuna-kalabasa torta, hotdogs, grapes

That's all for now. Watch out for another set of bento baon.

Happy bento-ing!
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