Friday, March 2, 2018

Your Guide to The Perfect Mother of the Bride Look

This day is all about your daughter, the beautiful bride. You’ve dreamed about this day her whole life. You’ve pictured her in a stunning white dress. You’ve helped her plan this day for months, but you’ve neglected to find the perfect dress and look for yourself. We are going to cover everything you need from top to bottom.

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Your hair should not be the same as your daughters. In fact, it should be opposite. If she wears an updo, you should consider leaving your hair down. Leaving it straight or adding some curls are both good looks.

If her hair is down, you should opt for something up. Either part of the hair or all of it should be worn up.


For your makeup choose colors that are less dramatic. This may not be the best time to wear a bold red lip. Choose a soft pink or shades of nude.

As for the eyes, this is another area to go basic. Deep smokey eyes should be a look left for the bride.  Remember, you want to be beautiful, but not upstage the bride.


For your dress you can choose something that is floor length or just above the knee. Choose a color that is an accent color of her wedding, blush, or navy. You can choose a black dress if it is a black tie wedding.

To add a touch of elegance, choose a dress with lace. Lace sleeves, whether full or ¾, are a beautiful look, that can add a bit of sexiness to it.  Its ok to choose a dress that is form fitting. However, a skin tight mini skirt is not ok.


You can have a bit more fun with your nails. French manicured nails are always classic, but there are other options you choose. If you want a pop of color or a little extra flare, don’t be afraid to wear bold red nails. It is ok to play with the shape, as well. If you want to wear almond nails, go for it. Your nails won’t be noticed too much in the wedding photos.


You have a little extra leeway when it comes to accessories. A nice pearl necklace is always classic. This is the area where you are safe to add statement pieces. A bold fashion necklace or earrings is a great way to add style to your look, without overpowering the bride.


Classic pumps are a good choice. It is great to wear shoes that are nude, black, white, or the same color as the dress. This isn’t the time to add a pop of color that will stand out in pictures. You want to beautifully blend into the photos. Neon colors or bold pops of color should be saved for another day.

Remember, that you can still be beautiful without taking away from the bride. You want the attention to be on her, not on your brightly colored heels. Choose safe, natural colors for your dress, makeup, and shoes.

So that's our guide to look the perfect Mother of the Bride. Let me know if you have other tips.

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