Monday, April 2, 2018

5 Reasons to Get Coolsculpting Done in Sydney

Coolsculpting is a new form of liposuction that destroys fat cells by freezing them to a certain temperature. Its non-invasive and permanent, thats why its taken a storm out of liposuction clinics in Sydney. The procedure follows cryolipolysis using an FDA approved freezing device. By exposing the fat cells to a temperature of 5 to -11 degrees Celsius, the subcutaneous fat tissues undergo apoptosis or cell death. Now, weight loss can be achieved not just by burning fats, but also by cooling them! But how much does coolsculpting cost? Depending on where you live and the clinic of your choice, a session can range from $700 to $2000. Still interested? Here are 5 reasons to get coolsculpting done in Sydney:

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1. Its safe and effective

The process of coolsculpting involves the use of FDA-approved fat freezing technology. It works by targeting stubborn fat cells and crystallizing them through a cryolipolysis machine. The frozen fat cells then die off a natural death by undergoing apoptosis, and then they are eliminated naturally from your body. The remaining fats condense after a few weeks and months from the day of treatment, reducing the layers of fat in your body.

2. Its non-invasive
Whereas liposuction requires you to go under the knife and hours of operation, coolsculpting has none of those hassles. You can even do it on your lunch break because a normal session runs only for an hour. After that youre free to leave and go about your day as usual. Thats right, theres no downtime and recovery required when undergoing coolsculpting. This makes it ideal for people who have no time to spare recovering.

3. The results are gradual

Contrary to other treatments, coolsculpting doesnt offer instant weight loss. You have to wait for the results to show up. After freezing the fat cells, it takes a few weeks to a month for them to completely deteriorate. This results in a gradual, more natural looking weight loss. And while youre waiting for your frozen fat cells to wither and die, its your chance to supplement the treatment by living a healthy and active lifestyle.

4. The results are long lasting

With normal dieting and exercise, you reduce the size of your fat cells by starving them off. But the fact remains that theyre still there, hiding in your abdomen, ready to take in your next slice of pizza. For the most part, people who journey with weight loss are just aiming to shrink the size of their fat cells, theyre not exactly destroying them. Not with coolsculpting. Cryolipolysis ultimately destroys fat cells, not just shrinks them, giving permanent results.

5. It makes you feel more confident

Being slim and healthy gives you a boost of self confidence. You get to wear clothes that are flattering on you, and be complimented for looking so slim. Of course, being fit and healthy doesnt stop at destroying your fat cells. Its a lifestyle you have to have to get used to if you want to keep your figure. Coolsculpting, if you can afford it, is a great jumpstart at becoming healthy, but ultimately its up to you to maintain it.

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