Wednesday, April 11, 2018

How Can an Employee Heavily Contribute to Creating a Positive Work Environment?

Much evidence shows that companies and employees prosper in positive work environments rather than those governed by fear or intimidation. For example, the costs of stress are tremendous and can affect employees’ health and cause them to disengage. However, what can an employee do to contribute significantly to a positive work environment? After all, managers are the ones who set policies and the tone for work culture. Here are some ideas from Beacon Resources, one of the Chicago recruiting firms that specialize in senior accounting jobs.

Give the benefit of the doubt

An important thing is to give your co-workers and managers the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps the boss who just snapped at you is having troubles at home, and the co-worker who is constantly late to work and who always leaves early has worked out a part-time telecommute arrangement due to health reasons.

The reality is that before you can contribute to creating a positive work environment, you have to be a positive person yourself. By giving others the benefit of the doubt, you treat them as you would like to be treated. You will be less likely to resent them or to feel like others are singled out for special treatment.

Identify the negative areas, and work with others to change them

Another step is to pinpoint where critical amounts of stress and tension come from. Is it a particular manager? Is it unrealistic policies and expectations? Is it low pay? Often, there are multiple areas, but for now, pick one to focus on. Think about how you and other employees could change it. For instance, if your issue is with impractical project deadlines, you could research timelines and deadlines for similar projects at other companies and explain in a report why your company is having trouble with them. Solicit ideas and feedback from your co-workers, and you all would ideally band together as a group to present your concerns and solutions to management.

However, if you feel like you might be better off working elsewhere, an executive recruiter with Beacon Resources could be able to help. Get in touch today.

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