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3 Tips to Making DIY Air Fresheners

A great smelling room can greatly affect ones brain and body. Whether it is a natural scent or not, a good smell can hugely affect the ambiance and mood of a room. This is the reason why air fresheners are widely popular wherever you go. Amygdala, which is a part of our brain that controls emotions, filters the molecules we inhale. This is why we need to be careful of the things we inhale because these molecules can affect our brains. Using artificial air fresheners can give our living spaces a good smell buy it also contains harmful chemicals that can cause damage to our bodies. These chemicals are known to cause hormonal imbalance and reproductive harm. On the other hand, using essential oils instead can affect our bodies in a positive way. As an alternative, making DIY air fresheners are becoming a trend today. Not only is it safe, you can also tweak it to however you want it. An air freshener can last longer using DIY techniques as well.

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Here are three tips for making DIY air fresheners.

1. Make sure to have a balanced blend.

When making an air freshener, it is important that you have a balanced blend of scent. Essential oils are volatile ingredients that is why they can easily evaporate faster. This is why essential oils are used as a base mixed with heavier ingredients so it can last longer. Artificial ain't fresheners are still known to have longer staying power but that does not mean homemade ones cannot compete. Homemade air fresheners use a combination of top, middle, and base note oils so that these fragrances can last longer. It makes your home smell wonderful making you feel comfortable and relaxed. It also gives actual physical benefits compared to synthetic fragrances.

2. Make an herbal potpourri.

Another creative way to make a natural air freshener is by making an herbal potpourri. It's simple and easy and most.importantly, it is a natural botanical fragrance. It's also a great way to involve kids in making this as a fun project. All you need to make an herbal potpourri are herbs of your choice and essential oils. If you happen to have herbs like hibiscus flowers, orange peels, rose bids, cinnamon chips, and chamomile flowers, mix them all together in a large bowl or jar and put a few drops of your chosen mix of essential oils. Mix them all together until all the ingredients are fully mixed and incorporated. After that, you can place your jar in strategic places like your table in the living room or above your desk. You can also put them in airtight containers for future use. An herbal potpourri will instantly make your room smell nice like flowers in the garden.

3. Make a fragrant simmer pot.

If you want to instantly make your kitchen smell wonderful, make a fragrant simmer pot of simmering select ingredients such as lemon, rosemary, orange peels, basil, or mint. You can also add more herbs and spices to your preferred mix to heighten the fragrance. You can leave your simmered pot or place it in a jar and let it sit in a room. It will give your space a wonderful aroma.

Those are some tips for making a DIY air fresheners. I'll love to hear other tips from you too.
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