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Common Causes of Stress for Mothers and Tips for Coping

There is no denying that you love your children. They bring you so much joy and are a true gift to your life. That being said, the responsibility of caring for a child and raising them to be upstanding adults can be stressful. Though you may be very good at hiding it, too much stress can lead to a multitude of problems for you and your family. Finding constructive ways to cope is essentially the best thing you can do for all involved.

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Don’t Burn Out
Did you know that you could burn out from being a mom? Well, it’s actually true. Women who are constantly stressed about the responsibility of caring for their family or the well-being of their family end up burning out. A parental burnout as it is often referred is extreme feelings of stress and despair. Women who suffer from this have been known to drink excessively, feel depressed, resent their loved ones, have mood swings, and even experience physical consequences like body aches, fluctuations in weight, and more.

If you believe you’ve burned out or are struggling with the responsibilities of parenting it is imperative to get help right away. For those who have begun abusing substances, look for help through places like Sandy’s Place, a Newport beach rehab for women. Otherwise, you can speak with a therapist or ask your family to help relieve some of the burdens you’re dealing with.

Lack of Time
How many moms out there wish they could add a few more hours to every day just so they can get everything done? When raising a family as well as caring for yourself (or at least trying to), there is a lot to be done. With seemingly not enough time in the day many women end up feeling like they have to sacrifice something. This might mean skipping out on quality time with the kids, not doing the laundry, not preparing nutritious meals, or even neglecting their need for quiet time. Sure, every mom has skipped or sacrificed these things on occasion, however, on an ongoing basis this does nothing but create more chaos and frustration.

How to Cope: Use time management techniques like creating a household schedule. Also, talk with your spouse or significant other about helping out. Lastly, relax, unfortunately, everyone wishes they had more time, but you only have 24 hours in each day. If you don’t get it all done today, try again the next.

Raising children this day and age isn’t cheap. From childcare services and afterschool programs to clothes, food, and extracurricular activities, there’s a lot to cover. Every mom wants their child to be able to have the best possible life and will sometimes stress when they’re unable to afford things their kids want and need.

How to Cope: Creating a household budget can be very useful in helping you to keep your finances in order. If you have more expenses than income, you’ll need to reduce your spending and/or increase your income by earning extra money on the side. Other financial tips for parents might include looking for savings everywhere you can start saving for college right away, and create an emergency savings account for those unexpected events.

Balancing Relationships
Mothers have to invest a lot of time and energy into raising their children. So much so, that it can hinder their ability to balance personal relationships. Engaging with a significant other and spending time with friends ends up on the back burner. This can lead to resentment and social isolation.

How to Cope: It’s true that your children will take up a lot of your time. However, it is also true that adults need relationships. Find time in your household schedule to spend with others. Hire a sitter for date nights or ask your family members to pitch in so you can hang out with friends. You can also consider mixing family time with social time by meeting friends at locations that are kid-friendly like the park. This way you get to socialize with others your age while your kids do the same.

Last on the list of stressors for mothers is self-doubt. It is not uncommon for parents to feel as if they’re not doing the best for their children. Though there is no one-size-fits-all parenting style and mistakes are bound to be made as you raise your kids, moms often reevaluate, second-guess, and doubt their abilities at being a good parent. This can result in depression, stress, anxiety, and more.

How to Cope: First, you must understand that no parent is perfect. If you feel that you’re using the best practices to make decisions in your child’s life, that should be enough. When issues are more difficult or your choice turns out to be the wrong one, look to others for support and guidance like your spouse, your parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and other parents in the community.

Being a mom isn’t easy by any means. Though you see your children as a blessing, the role can be a lot to bear at times. If you’ve been feeling stressed about the scenarios above or other areas of your life, it is imperative to stay calm, look for effective solutions, and execute them accordingly. If you’re feeling burned out or overwhelmed, seeking support from others can get you back on the right path.
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