Sunday, May 6, 2018

Matthew Andrei's Recognition Day 2018

Hi everyone! How's your weekends? Had a very productive one with Daddy A. But oh, Monday na naman. Monday blues it is right?

Anyway, would just like to share this moment in our little boy's life that makes us really proud as his parents. Medyo late post lang because of the busyness these past months, weeks, and days, haha.

So ayun nga, our little makes us proud again. Despite of being hyper and talkative, our little boy is a hard worker.

 In fact, he also won in their school spelling contest during their English fair.

And this year he was awarded with honors and best in penmanship.

He also received two character awards, most active and most honest. His best in penmanship and most honest award are unexpected for us. Being best in penmanship really showed he worked hard in school because at his age, alam nyo naman not all can write well. And of course, the most honest award meant a lot for a mom like me. It means I am raising an honest kid.

On his recognition day, both of us attended and took a leave from work.

Recognition day is a harvest time for hard working kids and a rewarding time for parents. We parents look forward on this day when we can show the world how proud we are to have a smart kid.

It's a job well done for our son and of course to his dear teacher/adviser.

Again, we are proud of this little boy.

But wait, I was again surprise to see his report card.

The report card is given na after the recognition and I don't expect he will have high grades on his fourth grading period. Hindi na kasi namin nakikita ang final exam results nila and he had low exam score in Math during his fourth mastery. But look he had a grade of 93 in Math pa and and his observe values are all always observed na.

Truly, this little boy deserved all the rewards he wanted.

I am really proud not just for the award, honors or medals our little boy received. But for the hard work this little boy gave in all his school years. He never fail to make us proud in little or big ways. Like what I always say, we are here to give him all the love and support he will need in his journey to become the best man he can be.
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